Field Artillery Materiel: Notes on the Development, Use and Care of Modern Field Artillery Equipment, Including the 3ʺ Field Gun, American, French and British 75s, the 4.7ʺ Gun, 155 Mm Howitzer, GPF, Fire Control Instruments, Signal Equipment and Small Arms Used by the Field Artillery--automatic Pistol, Automatic Rifle and the Browning Machine Gun

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University co-operative store, 1920 - Artillery, Field and mountain - 371 pages
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Page 303 - Draw the slide rearward until the smaller rear recess in its lower left edge stands above the projection on the thumb piece of the slide stop; press gently against the end of the pin of the slide stop, which protrudes from the right side of the receiver above the trigger guard, and remove the slide stop.
Page 312 - The proper method of oiling a barrel is as follows: Wipe the cleaning rod dry; select a clean patch and thoroughly saturate it with sperm oil or warmed cosmic, being sure that the cosmic has penetrated the patch; scrub the bore with the patch, finally drawing the patch smoothly from the muzzle to the breech, allowing the cleaning rod to turn with the rifling. The bore will be found now to be smooth and bright, so that any subsequent rust and sweating can be easily detected by inspection.
Page 206 - ... action the case is not ruptured upon the explosion of the bursting charge, but the head is forced out, and the balls are shot out of the case with an increase of velocity of from 250 to 300 feet per second. In the meantime the head continues its flight, detonating on impact. If the fuse be set at "safety...
Page 16 - GUN PRODUCTION. The sole use of a gun is to throw a projectile. The earliest projectile was a stone thrown by the hand and arm of man- — either in an attack upon an enemy or upon a beast that was being hunted for food. Both of these uses of thrown projectiles persist to this day, and during all...
Page 16 - ... adversary. Later, machines were developed after the fashion of a crossbow mounted upon a small wooden carriage which usually was a hollowed trough open on top and upon which a heavy stone was laid. The thong of the crossbow was drawn by a powerful screw operated by man power, and the crossbow arrangement when released would throw a stone weighing many pounds quite a distance over the walls of a besieged city or from such walls into the camps and ranks of the besiegers.
Page 233 - After firing, the bore of the howitzer should be cleaned to remove the residue of smokeless powder and then oiled. In cleaning wash the bore with a solution made by dissolving one-half pound of sal soda in 1 gallon of boiling water. After washing with the soda solution wipe perfectly dry, and then oil the bore with a thin coating of the light slushing oil furnished for the purpose. A slush brush for use in oiling the bore will be issued by the Ordnance Department upon requisition.
Page 317 - Browning automatic rifle, model of 1918, is an air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed, shoulder weapon. It has no special cooling system, the barrel being exposed to the air, and the hand of the firer being protected on the underside of the barrel by a large wooden forearm. Care must be taken to avoid touching the barrel during firing. The rifle is operated by the power furnished by expanding powder gases following ignition of the cartridge. These powder gases expand through a port in the...
Page 227 - Ammonium persulphate, 60 grains, onehalf spoonful smoothed off. Ammonia, 28 per cent, 6 ounces, or three-eighths of a pint, or 12 spoonfuls. Water, 4 ounces, or onefourth pint, or 8 spoonfuls.
Page 308 - The drift. — The drift or deviation due to the rifling is, in this pistol, to the left, but is more than neutralized by the pull of the trigger when the pistol is fired from the right hand. The drift is slight at short ranges and that for long ranges is immaterial, inasmuch as the pistol is a short-range weapon.
Page 280 - These apertures allow the ringer to be distinctly heard. The case is equipped with a substantial, adjustable carrying strap, each end of which is fastened to case by means of hinged metal rings.

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