The Royal King, and Loyal Subject: A Woman Killed with Kindness, Volume 6

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Shakespeare Society, 1850 - English drama - 168 pages
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Page 159 - I'm now bound, I was so impudent to wish you here ; And once more beg your pardon. Oh ! good man. And father to my children, pardon me. Pardon, O pardon me : my fault so heinous is, That if you in this world forgive it not, Heaven will not clear it in the world to come. Faintness hath so...
Page 141 - tis my master's, ('sblood ! that he makes me swear) I would have placed his action, enter'd there ; I would, I would. Re-enter FRANKFORD. Frank. Oh! oh ! Nich. Master, 'sblood ! Master, master ! Frank. Oh, me unhappy ! I have found them lying Close in each other's arms, and fast asleep. But that I would not damn two precious souls, Bought with my Saviour's blood, and send them, laden With all their scarlet sins upon their backs, Unto a fearful judgment, their two lives Had met upon my rapier.
Page 122 - Twas but a thankless office, and perhaps As much as is my service, or my life is worth. All this I know, but this, and more, More by a thousand dangers, could not hire me To smother such a heinous wrong from you. I saw, and I have said.
Page 143 - I'll blush for thee. [39 Now, I protest, I think 'tis I am tainted. For I am most ashamed; and 'tis more hard For me to look upon thy guilty face Than on the sun's clear brow. What! Wouldst thou speak?
Page 143 - When drag me by the hair ? Though I deserve a thousand, thousand fold, More than you can inflict — yet, once my husband, For womanhood, to which I am a shame...
Page 152 - Master Cranwell, Oft hath she made this melancholy wood (Now mute and dumb for her disastrous chance) Speak sweetly many a note, sound many a strain...
Page 101 - God's sake, agree of something : if you like not that, put it to the musicians ; or let me speak for all, and we'll have Sellenger's round.
Page 108 - Zounds ! I could fight with him, yet know not why ; The devil and he are all one in mine eye.
Page 106 - And stained with plashing. Sure, he rid in fear, Or for a wager. Horse and man both sweat; I ne'er saw two in such a smoking heat. Frank. Entreat him in: about it instantly! [Exit NICHOLAS] This Wendoll I have noted, and his carriage Hath...
Page 97 - This morning, which to many seems a burden Too heavy to bear, is unto you a pleasure. This lady is no clog, as many are : She doth become you like a well-made suit, In which the tailor hath used all his art : Not like a thick coat of unseasoned frieze.

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