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I have just finished reading reviews from another site, Goodreads, I think it was am, unlike some of the reviewers, I thought the book was great. So much so, I have spent the past 4 decades thinking about the experiences I had with it and wishes it have it again. I finally got on the internet and found it for $1.99 @ Amazon. I couldn't believe it, the price, that is.
I am almost out of time, on this law library computer, so I'll be paraphrasing some...I had it in 1976 and, @ first, delved into the numerology. I am born 9/24/1956 - a number 6. 6 is my primary #, 5 is secondary. Went to a Chicago (hometown) race track, on 33rd and Cicero (3+3), played the perfecta (6th race) and picked the 6 to win & the 5 to show. This was also on a Friday, the best day for 6s, in June (6th month) and either the 15th or the 24th. I won. Not big but I won. I have also picked u[p pennies and whatever the digits of the year add up to would be the horse that won the next race. Uncanny. Then, I read the cards playing cards) of my lil brother's friend and, according to the book, he had someone (young and mischievous ) in his life that could be the cause of bad things to happen (ace and deuce of spades) i.e., death, departure to distant land etc. When I returned home, he had died - while drag racing w/my lil brother. He ran into a pole and it went into his neck. Sorry...gotta go. the book was profound to me!

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