Stories from the classics, adapted by M. and E. Kirby

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Page 227 - THE REVIVAL OF THE FRENCH EMPERORSHIP Anticipated from the Necessity of Prophecy.
Page 226 - We welcome the present edition of this elaborate and sensibly-argued work of the venerable champion of Protestant truth with all the heartiness it deserves, for it is one of those great treatises which demolish the pretensions of the Roman Catholic system. The publisher could not have introduced a more valuable book than this into his Protestant series, or one which is better calculated to be useful."— BeU's Weekly Messenger.
Page 230 - We know no book — we believe there is none — which will adequately supply the place of this. To those belonging to this arm of the service, Captain Nolan's book is indispensable; to members of all arms it may be useful ; while, from the rich fund of interesting anecdote with which it abounds, it will attract and delight the general reader.
Page 225 - ROMANISM IN ENGLAND EXPOSED," ETC. 8vo. ;t. 6d. "The whole subject is examined with a minuteness and an accuracy which leave nothing to be accomplished in the way of proof. We would defy any man honestly to ponder the facts and arguments contained in this volume, and to remain a follower in the monstrous assumption which is laid open with such consummate skill by Mr.
Page 225 - DAY and DINES— ILLUSTRATIONS OF MEDIEVAL COSTUME IN ENGLAND. Collected from MSS. in the British Museum, Bibliotheque de Paris, &c. By TA DAY and JH DINES. With numerous Coloured Engravings. Small 4to. cloth, 9s. " The engravings leave nothing to be desired. They are really beautiful, and at the same time most accurate. The letter-press is terse, comprehensive, and good.
Page 227 - The book is undoubtedly one of the most valuable treatises that can be placed in the hands of all who desire a knowledge of petroleum." — Liverpool Journal of Commerce. "The book will undoubtedly take a high place in the literature of petroleum.
Page 232 - This book, we are told in the Translator's Preface, is ' used as a lesson and reading-book in the schools of Bavaria ;' and we think it would be a great improvement if some such plan were adopted in English schools, for all classes. We recommend the clergy to make an experiment with this volume in their parochial schools. We have an idea that the reading aloud of such tales would be found to produce a better style of reading iu our schools.
Page 228 - Arderne, Compton, Cecil, Harley, Bruce, Perceval, Dunbar, Hume, Dundas, Drummond, Neville, and De Courcy. " Mr. Drummond's work ought to be in the library of every English gentleman." — Fraser's Magazine. HOFFMAN— CHRONICLES, Selected from the Originals of CARTAPHILUS, THE WANDERING JEW, Embracing a Period of nearly Nineteen Centuries. Now first revealed to, and Edited by DAVID HOFFMAN, JUD, of Gottingen.
Page 233 - KEY TO UNCLE TOM'S CABIN : By HARRIET BEECHER STOWE. Presenting the Original Facts and Documents upon which the Story is founded. Together with Corroborative Statements verifying the truth of the Work. 12mo. cloth, 3a.6d. THIERSCH— THE HISTORY OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH.
Page 231 - Preserving. With an Appendix, containing the Duties of the Steward, Housekeeper, and Man Cook ; and other Information necessary to be known by every Mistress of a Family and Servant. By ROBERT REYNOLDS, Cook to His Grace the Duke of Portland. Post 8vo. cloth, 7s. 6d.

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