Making the Small Shop Profitable

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American machinist, McGraw-Hill book Company, Incorporated, sole selling agents, 1918 - Machine-shop practice - 113 pages
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Page 16 - Work shall not be forced against a cold wheel, but applied gradually; giving the wheel an opportunity to warm and thereby eliminate possible breakage. This applies to starting work in the morning in grinding rooms which are not heated in winter, and new wheels which have been stored in a cold place.
Page 16 - Immediately upon receipt, all wheels shall be closely inspected to make sure that they have not been injured in transit or otherwise. For added precaution, wheels should be tapped lightly with a hammer; if they do not ring with a clear tone they should not be used.
Page 16 - Wheels used in wet grinding should not be allowed to stand partly immersed in the water. The water-soaked portion may throw the wheel dangerously out of balance. All wet tool grinders...
Page 15 - C — • Minimum diameter of flange. D — Minimum thickness of flange at bore. E — Minimum diameter of recess in taper flanges. F — Minimum thickness of each flange for single taper at bore.
Page 15 - OF TAPERED FLANGES AND TAPERED WHEELS WHERE HOODS ARE NOT USED IN CONJUNCTION THEREWITH A Maximum flat spot at center of flange. B Flat spot At center of wheel. C Minimum diameter of flange. D Minimum thickness of flange at bore. E Minimum diameter of leceas in taper flanges.
Page 16 - Flanges, whether straight or tapered, must be frequently inspected to guard against the use of flanges which have become bent or sprung out of true, or out of balance. If a tapered wheel has broken, the tapered flanges must be carefully inspected for truth before using with a new wheel.
Page 57 - ... accuracy with which chemical potentials may be derived from this equation of state or by application of other methods will be improved gradually as additional data are accumulated. The possibility of the gradual improvement of accuracy without the need of a complete revision of the method of correlation is one of the strongest arguments in favor of the use of chemical potentials in this connection. This advantage also applies to the prediction of volumetric and thermodynamic data from the partial...
Page 9 - The difference between these weights (ie the apparent loss of weight in water) is the weight of a quantity of water equal in volume to the solid. Then _ weight of solid weight of equal volume of water weight of solid weight of solid in air — weight in water...
Page 16 - K nuts on both ends will tend to tighten as the spindles revolve. Care should be taken in setting up machines that the spindles are arranged to revolve in the proper direction, else the nuts on the ends will loosen. D8 Wheel spindles shall be of sufficient length to permit of the nut being drawn up at least flush with the end of the spindle, thus providing a bearing for the entire length of nut. D8a Protruding ends of the wheel arbors and their nuts shall be guarded. D9 The surfaces of wheels in...
Page 51 - Although in description this method may appear complicated, it is really very simple, in practice and doubtless provides the most rapid method for laying off lines at right angles to one another. The radius board is based on the geometric principle that any angle...

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