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I have read Beard's book and I have read reviews appearing to dicount his work. However, in light of the misguided efforts of the likes of conservatives, the present supreme court, the Koch brothers et. al. it is worth while to take another look at Beard's work. If the founding fathers cited in Beard's work were indeed motivated by economic self interest the parallel to the corporations and the rich, and globalists of today engaging in monstrous power grabs should be glaring. It does indeed lead one to think that just what was the motivation behind the founding of this country: Who should rule? Was this the motivation behind what eventually became known as "Wilsonian Idealism"? The good should rule, but only the few (the elite/rich)? It seems obvious to me even if the corporations, and the wealthy are unaware of Beard's book. Beard raised legitimate questions that, by my thinking, have stood the test of time. The parallel is there: The elite founding fathers vs. the yoman farmers etc./the 99% vs. the 1%. B Smith. 

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