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Look me in the eye ;)

User Review  - mcfortune -

Look me in the eye is a heartwarming story of the underdog. My son has Aspergers, so this one really hit home :) The book was sent right away, in perfect condition, and the price was right! Read full review

Different Viewpoint

User Review  - mrsmorales -

This book was great. Very descriptive insight into the life of as Aspergian man. Many of the quirks and responses that he describes in his book I have experienced firsthand with both my husband and ... Read full review

My A-Ha Moment

User Review  - charlieandbean -

I started reading this book in line at a bookstore and consequently left it there, but something in the back of my mind kept nagging at me to buy it. After reading it further, so many of the things ... Read full review

Know someone with Asperger's? A MUST READ!

User Review  - caribmum -

This is very well written and shares personal experiences from a person who has Asperger's Syndrome. Practical , funny and informative as it is written to clarify and explain the personal challenges and accomplishments of someone who has this syndrome. ... Read full review

Interesting...more of a life journal

User Review  - msslp1 -

This book kept my interest throughout but I was hoping for more insight into autism. It was an enjoyable read but did not leave me with a better understanding of how a person with autism feels about ... Read full review

Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger's

User Review  - essiewb -

This book is a real treasure. John Elder Robison has opened up his life with Asperger's syndrome in anecdotes that describe his quest to have a good life. He is both funny and poignant but it is all ... Read full review

Excellent book!

User Review  - magnets704 -

Great book--Asperger's syndrome is not a laughing matter when you don't know what it is or what to expect or what is happening. Well written and helpful book. ... Read full review

good read

User Review  -

This is really an entertaining book written by the brother of Running with Scissors. Shipping was fast and the price was reasonable. Read full review

Look Me In The Eye

User Review  - robergoldbe41 -

I am learning alot about Asperger's Disorder. My grandson has this disorder. ... Read full review

great book

User Review  - gemjewels -

excellent book - a must read for anyone! it was great. Read full review

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