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Williams and Norgate, 1894 - Persian language

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Page 4 - Musalman, it is pronounced like <-l>. c has a strong guttural sound, pronounced by a smart compression of the upper part of the wind-pipe, and forcible emission of the breath.
Page 316 - the complete or entire plural,' because all the vowels and consonants of the singular are retained in it. The other, which has various forms, is called j~~.j ^J+=>-jam'8 taltsir, 'the broken plural...
Page iii - A GRAMMAR OF THE PERSIAN LANGUAGE. By John T. Platts, Hon. MA (Oxon.), Teacher of Persian in the University of Oxford ; late Inspector of Schools in the Central Provinces of India. Part I. Accidence. Broad crown 8vo.
Page 272 - The nomen verbi is also called .A^,H (lit. the place whence anything goes forth, where it originates), because most Arab grammarians derive the compound idea of the finite verb from the simple idea of this substantive.
Page 332 - ... 324. The numerals that indicate numbers compounded of the units and the tens, are formed by prefixing the unit to the ten, and uniting them by the conjunction '., and; as ,jjlLt j JL.| one and twenty, twenty-one.
Page 20 - At the beginning of a word the sound of "r" is the same in both General American and British RP pronunciations. In British RP, but not in General American, at the beginning of a syllable in the middle of a word between two vowels the "r" is often, but by no means always, given one tap or trill.
Page 324 - This form is used for the plural of quadriliterals (all originally feminine) of which the third letter is servile or quiescent (a long vowel), "whether they have the feminine termination (cu) or not: eg SINGULAR. TLVHAL. -\j*T jazira, ' an island,' J^^" /<*2<i'l'r' hnklkat, ' reality,' c.'i^*" W^"''^s> Jchis&l, ' habits,' jjjtsri. Miasuil. y risula, ' a short treatise,' iS'^j futu'il. Jlt-i shamal, 'the north wind,' 'disposition/ Jjt~i> shamuil.
Page 331 - ... 319. The cardinal numbers from 3 to 10 take the fern. form, when the objects numbered are of the masc. gender; and conversely, the masc.
Page 339 - The Muhammadan or lunar months are made to consist of 30 and 29 days alternately ; but in a period of thirty years, it is found necessary to intercalate the last month eleven times, so as to be reckoned 30 days instead of 29. The months retain their Arabic names in all Muhammadan countries, and they are the following : — NAME.
Page 297 - J (as tlcj to desire, >-I*^=^ ^ "^ on ^ t know, (_r* to touch), these nomina agentis are not only real participles, indicating a temporary, transitory or accidental action or state of being, but also serve as adjectives or substantives, expressing a continuous action, a habitual 9^9, , state of being, or a permanent quality ; eg i_J6, ^, f^r'** (see above), J^*

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