The Chess Journal, Volumes 59-69

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O. A. Brownson., 1875 - Chess

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Page 10 - move; and after his adversary has moved, must play the man wrongly moved, if it can be played legally. VI-—TOUCH AND MOVE. A player must never touch any of the men except when it is his turn to play, or except when he touches a man for the purpose of adjusting it; in which latter
Page 472 - I look around, and feel the awe Of one wlio walks alone, Among the wrecks of former days, In mournful ruin stro'wn; I start to hear the stirring sounds Among the cypress trees, For the voice o"f the departed Is borne upon the breeze.
Page 11 - as a complete move. When the odds of either Rook or both Rooks are given, the player giving the odds shall be allowed to move his King as in castling, and as though the Rooks were on the board. XI—COUNTING FIFTY MOVES. A player may call, upon his opponent to draw the game, or to
Page 9 - If a player make the first move in a game when It is not his turn to do so, the game must be annulled If the error has been noticed before both players have completed the fourth move. After four moves on each side have been made
Page 10 - move cannot be legally made the offender must move his King ; but in the event of the King having no legal move, there shall be no penalty. If a player hold a man in his hand, undecided on which square to play it, his adversary may require him to replace it
Page 12 - and in all analogous cases; and whenever one player considers that his opponent can force the game, or that neither side can win it, he has the right of submitting the case to the umpire or bystanders, who shall decide whether it is
Page 12 - THE GAME. If a player abandon the game, discontinue his moves, voluntarily resign, wilfully upset the board, or refuse to abide by these laws, or to submit to the decision of the umpire, he must be considered to have lost the game. XV. — THE UMPIRE
Page 11 - stands. VIII.—CHECK. A player must audibly say "Check" when he makes a move which puts the hostile King in check. The mere announcement of check shall have no signification if check be not actually given,
Page 251 - OFFICERS. SEC. 1. The duties of the President shall be to preside at all meetings of the Club ; to

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