Reminiscences of the Best Hours of Life for the Hour of Death

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J. Dowe, 1841 - Death - 52 pages

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Page 8 - ... the joys break forth through the clouds of sickness, and the conscience stands upright and confesses the glories of God, and owns so much integrity, that it can hope for pardon, and obtain it too : then the sorrows of the...
Page 11 - Give me a great thought that I may quicken myself with it," said Herder to his son as he lay near death.
Page 28 - Gottreich gave ardent words to his ardent thoughts, and kept them written down, under the title of " Reminiscences of the best Hours of Life, for the Hour of Death.
Page 15 - ... ascertain whether it is not these ecstatical transports which exhaust life more than the convulsions of pain, and which loosen the tie of this terrestrial state in some unknown heaven. The history of the dying is a serious and prodigious history, but on earth its leaves will never be unrolled.
Page 46 - Paul had expressed, and I read the next passage — " Remember Jesus Christ, in the dark hour — remember him who also passed through life — remember that soft Moon of the Infinite Sun, given to enlighten the night of the world. Let life be hallowed to thee, and death also, for he shared both of them with thee. May his calm and lofty form look down on thee in the last darkness, and show thee his Father.
Page 25 - ... flower-beds, and commanding a view of many a well-watered meadow and distant hill, and stars without number ; how these three hearts played into one another, no one of which in this most pure and intimate intercourse knew or felt anything which was not of the fairest ; and how good and gay intention marked the passage of their lives. Every bench was a church chair, all was peaceful and holy, and the firmament above an infinite church dome. • In many a village and in many a house a true Eden...
Page 23 - Justa did nothing in the world by halves, but she often did things more than most would deem completely, at least in all that touched her generosity. She had not long resided in the village of Heim, and seen the meek Gottreich, and listened to some of his spring-tide sermons, ere she discovered that he had won her heart, filled...
Page 45 - I drew nearer to him, and read, " Canst thou forget, in the dark hour, that there have been mighty men amongst us, and that thou art following after them ? Raise thyself like the spirits which stood upon their mountains, having the storm of life only about and never above them. Call back to thee the kingly race of sages and of poets, who have inspirited and enlightened nation after nation.
Page 29 - In these sweetest May-hours of youth, when heaven and earth and his own heart were beating together in harmony, he gave ardent words to his ardent thoughts, and kept them written down under the title of ' Reminiscences of the best hours of life for the hour of death.
Page 42 - ... Canst thou forget the time when the blue sky, by day and by night, opened on thee, as if the mildness of God was looking down on thee? Hast thou not felt the love of the Infinite, when he veiled himself in his image, the loving hearts of men ; as the sun, which...

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