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Excellent book! This author presents a plethora of in depth research finding that point to overt, and at times unintended, systematic racism that has informed decision making in medicine. Extremely thorough review of how Blacks were used for medical experimentation from the time they were slaves until now. Having studied and read about inequality, I thought I would not find much that was new in this book. Wow, was I wrong. Washington put together and strong case, using a novel lens, that shined a light on how the medical decisions of yesterday are still informing the medical decisions of today. The health outcomes for black people, especially poor black people, is the worst of any group in America. Why and how did it get that way? Washington provides a very detailed answer.
I listened to this in audio version. It was 19 hours, longer than the average book, but felt like it zipped by. I was shocked by much of what was in this book and could not stop thinking about it. I love a book that provides me with new awareness to a social/medical problem in my own country and around the world. The content of this book will disturb me for a long time, and I hope more people become aware of the inequality in medicine and that it disturbs enough people to serve as a motivation for change.
What Michelle Alexander's book The New Jim Crow was to mass incarceration and the justice system, this book will be to medicine at large in the U.S. and globally.

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