Get a Life: You Don't Need a Million to Retire Well

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Nolo, Dec 1, 2004 - Business & Economics - 384 pages
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Retire happy and healthy without keeping a million bucks in the bank!

The financial-service industry wants you to believe that in order to avoid financial destitution, you need to put aside huge amounts of money that you -- let's say it together -- "should have begun saving years ago."

Not true, states Ralph Warner, Nolo co-founder and the author of Get a Life . Although a sensible savings plan makes good horse sense, many other actions and decisions will determine whether you enjoy your retirement years.

Get a Life shows you how to beat the anxiety surrounding retirement, and to develop a plan to make your golden years the best of your life by:

  • developing family relationships
  • maintaining and creating friendships
  • improving health
  • keeping active
  • developing a robust curiosity for the world
  • realistically calculating how much money you need and how to secure it

    The 5th edition provides the latest research and studies that show physically and mentally active retirees live longer and enjoy happier lives.

    New in 2008: Also in this category, by coauthor Ralph Warner, Retire Happy: What you Can Do Now to Guarantee a Great Retirement.

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    LibraryThing Review

    User Review  - Agape - LibraryThing

    An amazing book. This gives a wholistic view of life. Retirement is more than about having enough money. It also involves having a purpose in life, family and friends, health, etc. This book gives guidance on all these issues. Read full review

    LibraryThing Review

    User Review  - deldevries - LibraryThing

    A bit of financial advice, but numerous thoughts on retirement from the perspective of health, fitness, family and friends. Quality of life! Read full review


    LongTerm Care Insurance
    Be Wary of OneSizeFitsAll Financial Advice
    How Much Retirement Savings Is Enough?
    Many MiddleClass Retirees Dont Need All Their Money
    Estimating Your Retirement Needs
    Why Youll Need More Money If You Dont Own a House
    Golfer Jim Saves a Bundle

    Learn How to Sell Yourself
    The Exciting New Career of Professor Grout
    Volunteering for a Good Cause
    Doris Helps Preserve a Marsh
    Pursuing Personal Interests
    Brett Learns New Things
    More Information About How Human Brains Age
    Denis Prepares to Retire
    A Tale of Two Railroadmen
    Some Immediate Ways to Improve Your Health
    Stop Smoking
    Maintain a Healthy Weight
    Do You Weigh Too Much?
    Senility Is Not Inevitable
    Control Your Cholesterol
    Prevent Brittle Bones
    Good Resources on Personal Health
    Get Needed Medical Tests
    Exercise to Avoid Depression
    Make the Commitment
    Work Less
    Making Time for Mental Health
    Squeezing Out a Few Hours to Work Out
    The Value of Close Family Ties
    How Healthy Is Your Family?
    Ways to Improve Family Functioning
    Work for a FamilyFriendly Employer
    Keep Your Family Unit as Extended as Possible
    Dont Take Family Leadership for Granted
    New Leadership Emerges
    Dont Give Up on Black Sheep
    Improving Your Relationship
    Bernie and Bob Giusti
    Getting Close Again
    Look Beyond Your Paycheck
    Avoid a Lonely Old Age
    Few Friends Illness and an Early Death
    The Art of Friendship
    Make Some Younger Friends
    Make Friends Outside of Work
    Gail Worries About Making New Friends
    Make Sure Your Friends Are Really Yours
    Bowling Alone
    Why Its Wise to Join Early
    Retirement Role Models
    Dare to Be Authentic
    An Antidote to a Humdrum Life
    Pets Are Good for You
    A Personal Note About Retirement
    Find Positive Mentors
    Look Inward
    Another Approach to Personal Growth
    Participate in a Group Process
    Find a Personal Retirement Coach
    Forming a GeezerGeezelle Group
    Staying Out of a Nursing Home
    Your Chances of Needing LongTerm Care
    Social Security Retirement Benefits
    Workers Not Covered by Social Security
    Social Security and Working After Retirement
    Pensions and Individual Retirement Savings Plans
    Benefits for Disabled Veterans
    Individual Retirement Savings Plans
    Continuing to Work
    When Fishing Isnt Enough
    Income From Savings and Investments
    How Much Extra Do You Really Need to Save?
    Talking to Your Parents
    How to Think About Inheritance Uncertainties
    The AB Trust Explained
    Early Retirement Incentives and BuyOuts
    Withdrawing Equity From Your House
    Help for the HouseRich and CashPoor
    Sell Your House and Become a Renter
    Get a Reverse Mortgage
    More About Reverse Mortgages
    How the Poor Pay the Rich
    Reexamining Your Relationship to Money
    Looking at Your Credit Habits
    Practical Ways to Break the Credit Habit
    What to Do If You Are Already Over Your Head in Debt
    Plan to Avoid Car Payments
    Almost Always a Rotten Deal
    Dont Buy a Lemon
    Prepay Your Mortgage
    Comparing Mortgage Prepayments to Other Investments
    Where Will Money to Prepay Your Mortgage Come From?
    Dont Buy a House You Cant Afford
    How to Invest Like a Savvy Peasant
    Dont Overlook the Current Quality of Your Life
    The Easiest Way to Diversify Your Investments
    Index Fund Leaders
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    Ralph "Jake" Warner,widely recognized as a pioneer of the do-it-yourself law movement, Warner founded Nolo with Ed Sherman in 1972. He began publishing do-it-yourself law books written by him and his colleagues after numerous publishers rejected them. Warner holds a law degree from Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California at Berkeley and an undergraduate degree from Princeton.

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