Five Plays

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Page 28 - Be silent! I must think. [They all sit still. Citizens enter and prostrate themselves. Agmar sits deep in thought. ILLANAUN (to Agmar) Two holy pilgrims have gone to your sacred shrines, wherein you were wont to sit before you left the mountains. (Agmar says nothing) They return even now. AGMAR They left us here and went to find the gods? A fish once took a journey into a far country to find the sea.
Page 21 - AGMAR (taking a chunk of meat from his lips) Come hither, Slag. SLAG (going up to him) Yes, Master. AGMAR Watch in the doorway while I eat. (Slag goes to the doorway) Sit in the attitude of a god. Warn me if any of the citizens approach. (Slag sits in the doorway in the attitude of a god, back to the audience) OOGNO (to Agmar) But, Master, shall we not have Woldery wine?
Page 16 - Quick! (Exeunt some) SLAG (with solemn air) This god is a very divine god. THAHN He is no common god. MLAN Indeed he has made us. CITIZEN (to Slag) He will not punish us, master? None of the gods will punish us? We will make a sacrifice, a good sacrifice. ANOTHER We will sacrifice a lamb that the priests have blessed. FIRST CITIZEN Master, you are not wroth with us? SLAG Who may say what cloudy dooms are rolling up in the mind of the eldest of the gods?
Page 18 - O oldest of divinities, partake, partake. AGMAR It is not fitting that such as I should eat. None eat but beasts and men and the younger gods. The sun and the moon and the nimble lightning and I — we may kill and we may madden, but we do not eat.
Page 3 - There has been a comet come near to the earth of late and the earth has been parched and sultry so that the gods are drowsy and all those things that '*• are divine in man, such as benevolence, drunkenness, extravagance, and song, have faded and died and have not been replenished by the gods. OOGNO It has indeed been sultry. THAHN I have seen the comet o
Page 9 - ULF Yes, yes, we know those gods. They are much reverenced here, but they are drowsy and send us nothing beautiful. AGMAR They are of green jade. They sit cross-legged with their right elbows resting on their left hands, the right forefinger pointing upward. We will come into the city disguised, from the direction of Marma, and will claim to be these gods. We must be seven as they are. And when we • sit we must sit cross-legged as they do, with the right hand uplifted.
Page 15 - OORANDER Let us make sacrifice to them if they be gods. AKMOS We humbly worship you, if ye be gods. ILLANAUN (kneeling too) You are mightier than all men and hold high rank among other gods and are lords of this our city, and have the thunder as your plaything and the whirlwind and the eclipse and all the destinies of human tribes — if ye be gods.
Page 15 - ILLANAUN Should we not investigate this prophecy? OORANDER Let us accept it. It is as the small, uncertain light of a lantern, carried it may be by a drunkard, but along the shore of some haven. Let us be guided. AKMOS It may be that they are but benevolent gods.
Page 68 - Gold perhaps! — It is of no use here. (Uncovers earth leisurely. Suddenly he drops on his knees and works excitedly in the earth with his hands. Then very slowly, still kneeling, he lifts, lying flat on his hands, a long greenish sword, his eyes intent on it. About the level of his uplifted forehead he holds it, still flat on both hands, and addresses it thus) O holy and blessed thing! (Then he lowers it slowly till his hands rest...
Page 11 - We must tear them up and divide them amongst the seven. [To THAHN] Bring me another beggar. SLAG. When my master was ten he had already to slip by night out of two cities. OOGNO [admiringly]. Out of two cities? SLAG [nodding his head]. In his native city they do not now know what became of the golden cup that stood in the Lunar Temple.

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