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Margaret Lea works in her father's antiquarian bookshop where her fascination for the biographies of the longdead has led her to write them herself. She gets a letter from one of the most famous authors of the day, the mysterious Vida Winter, whose popularity as a writer has been in no way diminished by her reclusiveness. Until now, Vida has toyed with journalists who interview her, creating ... Read full review

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I had no idea what to expect with this story, but was pleasantly surprised!
I loved the story told by Miss Winter, as it had me engrossed in this book from beginning to end! The writing style
, specifically the imagery conjured through her words, was absolutely beautiful, and I would read another book by Ms. Setterfield in an instant just for her obvious love of the written word and her ability to tell a beautiful story. The ending was quite predictable, but it didn't matter. Several aspects of the story were disturbing but it only added to the gothic suspense and mystery of the story.
Would recommend to anyone who simply loves the pleasure of reading. :)

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Review:(10/28/2009, 04:37 PM)
The thirteenth Tale is one of those books where you feel you are transported into the pages of the book. This debut novel is a beautiful gothic mystery about a young
woman who sets out on a quest to find the missing thirteenth tale. It begins in a bookshop creating an atmosphere of quietness and warmth. The story draws you in and takes you on a wonderful journey where you meet quirky characters and illusive situations. Setterfield tells this fascinating story where at times is like giant jigsaw puzzle. It is evenly paced from beginning to end. It’s a great escape. For more reviews and suggestions visit us at: 

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I'm amazed that this book is being compared to Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. This novel has the trappings of a gothic novel, but the characters are two dimensional and the plot feels contrived rather than one which draws you into another reality. I felt no empathy or any kind of affinity to any of the characters, they really do not come to life for me. 

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I was totally captivated by Diane Setterfields fantastic and descriptive method of writting! I wish her other books could be translated into English!
Wonderful read! I was very sad to finish it!!

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Absolutely wonderful! It held me to the end...and then some. ;)

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I was never much of a reader. But over the years I have tried many things to relax. I decided that maybe reading would be a good place to start. I didnt know what kind of books to start reading. But I always liked English times. I read this book and I couldnt get enough. I finished in less than a week, and was left wanting more. I cant seem to start a new book because of the story of this book still sits on my mind. Keep up the good work, I am looking forward to more. Many more. 

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I am in the minority about this book. I don't regret reading it. Just didn't appreciate it as much. Beginning and very end are best part.

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I completely connected to this narrator and got totally sucked in. It was FANTASTIC. Read full review

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