The Business of the Annual Meeting

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Page 40 - authorized the President of the United States to appoint three Commissioners to survey under his direction and by proper metes and bounds to limit a district of territory, not exceeding ten miles square on the river Potomac, at some place between the mouths of the Eastern Branch and Connogocheque, which district, so to be located and limited was accepted by the said act of Congress as the district
Page 41 - I have no other motive for mentioning the latter circumstance than merely to show that the feelings of such men are always alive, and, where their assistance is essential, that it is policy to honor them, or to put on the appearance of doing it.
Page 40 - which district, so to be located and limited was accepted by the said act of Congress as the district
Page 42 - The yearly expenses for construction purposes were $4,555,213.00 and for maintenance $4,849,150.00. We have not completed the reports for cities under 50,000 population, but it is probably within the facts when it is stated that the cities of the United States have 75,000 acres of land in parks, and expend
Page 40 - qualified than any one who had come within my knowledge in this country, or indeed in any other, the probability of obtaining whom could be counted upon. DEAR
Page 34 - President of the Art Commission of the city of New York, and of the
Page 37 - was by the newly-elected Secretary of the Association and was entitled " What is Municipal Art?" In Mr. Robinson's absence the paper was read by Albert Kelsey, of Philadelphia. Although with the evening meeting of the third day the formal sessions of the Convention closed, nearly all the delegates remained in town over the next
Page 53 - K. CHRISTENSEN. RECEIPTS. Cash for dues received at the Milwaukee Convention, June 28th, 1901. ..$ 12 oo Dues for two past members for 1901 4 oo Dues for 74 past members for 1902 148 oo Dues of 152 new members for 1902 304 oo Dues of one life member 50 oo Total
Page 77 - Los ANGELES. President, MRS. WILLOUGHBY RODMAN, Corresponding Secretary, Miss MARY JONES. Organized May 13, 1902, by Mrs. Herman J. Hall. Membership, 15 (regular). LINE OF WORK. I—Co-operation with clubs and school boards in plans for planting several school grounds. 2—Effort to improve garbage system of the city. 3—Co-operation with the press and city officials. CHICAGO—(Second year). President, MRS.
Page 17 - Crawford Rd.,Glen Pk., Cleveland. O. - 53 State St., Boston, Mass. - Barker Block, Omaha, Neb. - 410 Standard Building, Cleveland, O. - Kane, Pa. - Stephen Girard Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. - US Consulate, Turin, Italy. - Supt. Parks, Cincinnati, O. - Office of Experimental Stations, Dept. of Agriculture, Washington, DC

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