A Narrative of Captivity in Abyssinia: With Some Account of the Late Emperor Theodore, His Country and People

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Smith, Elder and Company, 1868 - Abyssinian Expedition - 409 pages

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Herny Blanc's book, A Narrative of Captivity in Abyssinia, narrates the rise and fall of Emperor Tewodrose along with a century long fightening between the Wallo Oromos and Abysinian state. For those who doubte the genocide perpetrated against the Oromo people by the Christian crusaders of the time, this book is a good evidence. The support given to Tewodrose( military advise, inteligence, amunition) by European colonizers were used against the Wallo Oromos to suubdue them.  

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Page 144 - Where is the answer to the friendly letter I entrusted you with ? What have you come for ?' He said to me, ' I do not know.' So I said to him, ' You are not the servant of my friend the Queen, as you had represented yourself to be,' and, by the power of my Creator, I imprisoned him.
Page 225 - I wish you to get them [the artisans] ... in order that they may teach me wisdom and show me clever arts; when this is done I shall make you glad and send you away."45 Rassam, however, remained unmoved and was opposed to any policy but one of force.
Page 6 - Creator, He handed over their kingdom to the Gallas and Turks. But God created me, lifted me out of the dust, and restored this empire to my rule. He endowed me with power, and enabled me to stand in the place of my fathers. By His power I drove away the Gallas.
Page 128 - ... negotiating with your deputies, and as he has signed with them the treaties which cement our union, we request you to give full credit to all that he shall say to you on our part, particularly when he shall assure you of our affection and of our constant friendship for you. Moreover, we pray God, that he will have you, very dear and great Friends and Allies, under his holy and worthy protection. Written at Versailles, the 28th of March, 1778. Your good Friend and Ally, LOUIS.
Page 176 - Amongst other things he said, " My father was mad, and though people often say that I am mad also, I never would believe it; but now I know it is true.
Page 323 - I asked them for a sign of friendship which is refused to me. If they wish to come and fight, let them come. By the power of God I will meet them and call me a woman if I do not beat them.
Page 162 - Seeing that everybody seemed reluctant to help him", Blanc notes, "he went to work himself; he made an immense flat-bottomed bulrush boat of great thickness, and to propel it made two large wheels worked by hand: in fact he had invented a paddle steamer, only the locomotive agent was deficient.
Page 349 - it seems to me to be tho will of God that they come. If He who is above does not kill me, none will kill me ; and if He says, you must die, no one can save me.
Page 225 - Now, in order to prove the good relationship between me and yourself, let it be shown by your writing and getting the skilful artisans and Mr.
Page 192 - I was made to sit down on the ground, tuck up my trousers, and place my right leg on a large stone that had been brought for the purpose. One of the rings was then placed on my leg a couple of inches above the right ankle, and down came, upon the thick cold iron, a huge sledgehammer : every stroke vibrated through the whole limb, and when the hammer fell not quite straight it pressed the iron ring against the bone, causing most acute pain. It took about ten minutes to fix on properly the first ring;...

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