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Page 44 - most resemble each other; and on this score the most eminent botanists have differed. Some, as for example, Tournefort, chose the flower, and placed all the plants that had cup-shaped flowers in one class, and those that had bell-shaped flowers in another,
Page 43 - FROM the earliest times, in which we have any record of the study of plants, botanists appear to have felt the want of some mode of throwing them into groups
Page 20 - The divisions of the calyx are called sepals; and those of the corolla are called
Page 47 - variety indicates the individuals of a species which differ from each other, in some not very important points,
Page 46 - each other, not only in the position and number of the organs of fructification, but in the
Page 44 - took the fruit for the point of comparison, and put all the plants with globe-shaped fruits
Page 46 - of a number of plants that very closely resemble each other in some leading
Page 20 - the outer one is called the calyx, and the inner one the corolla.

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