Spectacles for Young Eyes: New York

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Sheldon, 1869 - Berlin (Germany) - 203 pages

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Page 97 - This statue of the Right Honorable WILLIAM PITT, Earl of Chatham, was erected as a public testimony of the grateful sense the Colony of New York retains of the many eminent services he rendered to America, particularly in promoting the repeal of the Stamp Act,
Page 130 - Skill that transcends his scanty line." 8. " Revere thyself— thou'rt near allied To angels on thy better side. How various e'er their ranks or kinds, Angels are but unbodied minds: When the partition walls decay, Men emerge angels from their clay.
Page 84 - The island of the Manhattes" was reserved for the Company. The patroons, it was stipulated, must make known the situation of their proposed settlements, but they were allowed to change should their first location prove unsatisfactory. The lands were to extend sixteen miles along the shore on one side of a navigable river, or eight miles on both sides of a river, and so far into the country as the situation of the colonies and their settlers permitted. The patroons were entitled to dispose of their...
Page 131 - And he spake of a Giant, who, day by day, Followed him everywhere ; Who whispered of sorrow, pain, and wrong, And filled his heart with care ; Who tempted him evil things to do, Harsh, cruel words to say ; Destroyed the flowers he loved so well, Frightened his birds away. Then the low, sad voice was hushed in tears ; And so quiet his spirit grew, That a purple twilight filled the wood, And the flowers seemed praying too. And he came each day that prayer to say, Till the Giant's strength was fled...
Page 139 - Clinton poured a keg of water from Lake Erie into the Atlantic. With this "Wedding of the Waters," the entire length of the Erie Canal was open for business.
Page 14 - OlofFe awoke from his sleep greatly instructed, and he aroused his companions, and related to them his dream, and interpreted it that it was the will of St. Nicholas that they should...
Page 27 - Twas eight years after this. — I mean The year sixteen hundred fifteen, — Some Dutch, from Holland, settled pat on An Island which the}' called Manhattan, And straight they set themselves to work, And built the city of New- York. Now let the laughing wags and jokers Say that the Dutch are stupid smokers; We only tell, that, dull or witty, They founded famous New- York city; The largest city in the west, For trade and commerce quite the best! Then came along, in five years more, The Puritans,...
Page 19 - Every one seemed indifferent to his neighbor ; every one hurried on, unconscious of the rest, as solitary in the crowd as if they were not human beings belonging to one large family, and children of one Father, but merely animals of a different species.
Page 131 - As it fell on the child's bright up-turned face, And heard its low, sweet prayer, Like a glory it shone through the dark cold place, Till the child seemed an angel there. Then the prayer of the child was a low, sad hymn For forgiveness, hope, and trust ; And he wept as he told of care and sin, Till the flowers their sweet bells hushed.
Page 131 - For he spoke of a giant, who, day by day, Followed him everywhere ; Who whispered of sorrow, pain, and wrong. And filled his heart with care. Who tempted him evil things to do, Harsh, cruel words to say; Destroyed the flowers he loved so well ; Frightened his birds away. Then the low, sad...

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