Good little hearts, by aunt Fanny, Volume 2

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Page 73 - So the hen said, And the chickens all sped, As fast as they could, to their nice feather bed, And there let them sleep in their feathers so warm, While my little chick lies here on my arm.
Page 37 - Lord : though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow ; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.
Page 72 - And the mother-sheep and her little one, Side by side lay down in the sun, And they went to sleep on the hill-side warm While my little lammie lies here on my arm. I went to the kitchen, and what did I see, But the old gray cat with her kittens three. I heard her whispering soft — said she,
Page 71 - I listened, and heard a mother-sheep say, " In all the green world there is nothing so sweet As my little lammie, with his nimble feet ; With his eyes so bright, And his wool so white, Oh ! he is my darling, my heart's delight...
Page 91 - A beautiful present indeed, and I trust it will be one of the means of converting others, as well as the receiver. May God bless the giver! You have done a good work. Continue to pray, dear sister, and God will answer you. He says so in his word. My dear mother is in the grave. It is nearly eleven years since she died ; but she died happy, and I trust I shall meet her in heaven. I will try and pray for myself.
Page 89 - I wish that I could go to nurse you. I could bathe your head, and read to you. Do you know the hymn, " There is a happy land ? " I hope you will go to that land when you die. But remember, I will pray that you may get well again. When you are able to sit up, I wish you to write to me, and tell me all your troubles. Enclosed you will find a postage stamp. I live at No. — North Ninth street. Good-bye. Your friend, LIZZIE S . The letter was addressed, with the Testament, to
Page 72 - My kittens, with tails so cunningly curled, Are the prettiest things that can be in the world. The bird on the tree, And the old ewe she, May love their babies exceedingly ; But I love my kittens there, Under the rocking-chair. I love my kittens with all my might, I love them at morning, noon, and night. Now I'll take up my kitties, the kitties I love, And we'll lie down together beneath the warm stove.
Page 89 - God will make and keep you good. Oh, how sorry I am that you have to leave your dear mother. Did she cry when you bade her goodbye? Don't you often think of her at night, when you are going to bed? Do you kneel down and say your prayers? If I were you, I would not care if the other soldiers did laugh; God will smile upon you. I am sorry, very sorry that you are sick. I wish that I could go to nurse you. I could bathe your head, and read to you. Do you know the hymn, " There is a happy land ? " I...
Page 92 - May we meet in that happy land. I do not think that my fellow-soldiers will deter me from serving my Master. There are many others here that his Spirit is striving with. I expect to go home to see my dear friends once more. Am very thankful that the privilege is granted, and I trust we shall have a happy meeting. Dear Lizzie, I must close. May God bless you, is my prayer. Write me again. Address your friend, SLN , HmrUi Midi.

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