History of the Colony of New Haven to Its Absorption Into Connecticut

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Journal Publishing Company, 1902 - Connecticut - 767 pages

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Page 14 - That the liberties, franchises, privileges, and jurisdictions of Parliament are the ancient and undoubted birthright and inheritance of the subjects of England...
Page 445 - Warwick and others, to the number of forty noblemen, knights and gentlemen, by the name 'of the Council established at Plymouth in the county of Devon, for the planting, ruling and governing of New England in America...
Page 227 - All the people of God within this jurisdiction who are not in a church way, and be orthodox in judgment, and not scandalous in life, shall have full liberty to gather themselves into a Church Estate. Provided they do it in a Christian way, with due observation of the rules of Christ revealed in his word.
Page 10 - I would only ask, why the civil state should be purged and restored by good and wholesome laws, made every third or fourth year in parliament assembled ; devising remedies as fast as time breedeth mischief: and. contrariwise the ecclesiastical state should still conti;nue upon the dregs of time, and receive no alteration now for these...
Page 243 - This synod having perused and considered, with much gladness of heart and thankfulness to God, the Confession of Faith, published of late by the reverend assembly in England, do judge it to be very holy, orthordox, and judicious in all matters of faith ; and do therefore freely and fully consent thereunto, for the substance thereof.
Page 114 - Mr. Hopkins, the Governor of Hartford, upon Connecticut, came to Boston and brought his wife with him (a godly young woman and of special parts) who was fallen into a sad infirmity, the loss of her understanding and reason...
Page 430 - Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.
Page 446 - River, the space of forty leagues upon a straight . line near the sea-shore toward the south-west, west and by south, or west, as the coast lieth towards Virginia, accounting three English miles to the league...
Page 96 - WHETHER the scriptures do hold forth a perfect rule for the direction and government of all men in all duties which they are to perform to GOD and men, as well in families and commonwealth, as in matters of the church?
Page 115 - For if she had attended her household affairs, and such things as belong to women, and not gone out of her way and calling to meddle in such things as are proper for men, whose minds are stronger, etc., she had kept her wits, and might have improved them usefully and honorably in the place God had set her.

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