Automotive Industries, Volume 21

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Chilton Company, Incorporated, 1909 - Automobiles
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Vols. for 1919- include an Annual statistical issue (title varies).

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Page 438 - No litigation closely resembling these cases has been shown to the court, and no instance is known to me of an idea being buried in the Patent Office while the world caught up to and passed it, and then embodied in a patent only useful for tribute.
Page 438 - ... receptacle, a power shaft connected with and arranged to run faster than the propelling wheel, an intermediate clutch or disconnecting device, and a suitable carriage body adapted to the conveyance of persons or goods, substantially as described.
Page 161 - ... chauffeur" shall mean any person operating a motor vehicle as mechanic, employee or for hire. Section 2. Subdivision 1. livery owner of a motor vehicle shall, for every such vehicle owned by him, file in the office of the Secretary of State a statement of his name and address, with a brief description of the vehicle to be registered. Including the name of the maker, factory number, style of vehicle and motor power on a blank to be prepared and furnished by such Secretary of State for that purpose.
Page 161 - No person shall operate or drive a motor vehicle as a chauffeur upon a public highway of this state after the first day of August, nineteen hundred and ten, unless such person shall have complied in. all respects with the requirements of this section...
Page 66 - European species which infests many different plants, and it is spread throughout our country from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.
Page x - ... fine emery powder and oil and put in place. The handle of the screwdriver is now held between the palms of the hands, as in the sketch, and a series of oscillations through a small arc given to the valve by moving the palms In opposite directions. After about thirty of these oscillations have been given, the valve Is lifted from Its seat, given a half turn, and reseated for further grinding in the same manner. This operation should be continued, with occasional additions of oil and emery, until...
Page 438 - ... to me of an idea being buried in the Patent Office until the world caught up to and passed it, and then embodied in a patent only useful for tribute. But patents are granted for inventions. The inventor may use his discovery, or he may not, but no one else can use it for 17 years. That 17 years begins whenever the United States so decrees by its patent grant.
Page 448 - ... will run another 300 miles with a like drop in voltage, whether the battery is of the primary dry-cell or of the secondary storage type. Hence a glance at the voltmeter will enable the operator to judge what mileage can be obtained from the battery before it is exhausted. Whatever may be the cause of a change that affects the battery circuit, the voltmeter gives instantaneous indication thereof, the needle or pointer remaining steady only so long as conditions are normal. With a loose contact,...
Page 161 - ... a statement which shall' include his name and address and the trade name and motive power of the motor vehicle or vehicles he is able to operate; and shall pay a registration fee of two dollars.
Page 482 - The inlet valves are located on one side of the cylinder and the exhaust valves on the opposite side.

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