Thirty Years Later . . . Catching Up with the Marcos-Era Crimes

Front Cover, Mar 31, 2016 - Political Science - 180 pages

Until they were expelled from power thirty years ago, in early 1986, the late dictator Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos (she, the Shoe Queen) jointly ruled the Philippines with impunity for 20+ years.  They were an efficient cash-and-carry team—while he raided the national till, she shopped 'til she dropped.  In the words of the US congressman investigating them, "Compared to her (Imelda), Marie Antoinette was a bag lady," . . . while Ferdinand made master embezzler Bernie Madoff look like a rank amateur. 

With the passing of 30 years, this book becomes a full accounting of the rapacious and avaricious rule the pair enjoyed—how they hoodwinked an unsuspecting people, and the truth behind many of the dirty tricks they employed revealed at last.  The present is an opportune time to take stock, especially as their only son and heir, Ferdinand, Jr., and others of his ilk, launches a comeback attempt for national office in this year's Philippine elections, and trying to re-fabricate history in the process.  This book will set the record straight.


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Like most, if not all, anti-Marcos literature, the author and the book have no primary sources. This is mostly a compilation of adjectives and adverbs, along with their limitless permutations and combinations, to describe the Marcos. It's a rehash of old sources, replayed and repeated for the sake of useless updates. It's the only way to sell any pro-Cory Aquino books, and that's to attack Marcos without primary sources.
Do you want to get primary sources about the Marcoses? Go to the Philippine Commission on (alleged) Good Government, and the Philippine Ombudsman. More than 900 court cases all over the world, compiled over the past 30 years, have proven the Marcoses are "not guilty" or the cases were dismissed. That's statistics for you.
Do you want to get primary sources about Martial Law victims? Read the Amnesty International Reports of 1975 and 1981. The names of the abusive Philippine military and police are all there. But even with forensic science and documentation, no martial law human rights abuses victims will take any military or policeman to court. Simply said, simpletons don't want justice. They just want to blame Marcos.
Garcia's book is NOT worth reading. The author does not know historiography, much less Review of Related Literature.... this book is just an emotional catharsis for Filipinos like Garcia... .boo hoo.

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The Oldiegarchs v the Cronygarchs
Travels with My Aunt
Babysitting the Dictators in Paradise
Art Gold and Other Bling
Ill Take the Fifth
Recovering the Stolen Loot
More Schemes Scams and Shenanigans
Where Are They Now?
The Climb Back to Power
What Now Philippines?

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