Little Fuzzy

Front Cover
BiblioBazaar, 2008 - Fiction - 192 pages
H. Beam Piper was a 20th century science fiction writer. He is best known for his Terro-Human Future History series and a series of Paratime alternate history tales. The theme in many of Piper's books is best seen in Uller Uprising. Piper wrote about the past repeating itself and past events having a direct effect on the future. Little Fuzzy is considered to be Piper's best work. In this science fiction novel a race called the Fuzzies is discovered on the planet of Zarathustra. A prospector named Jack Holloway discovers this race on a planet thought to be devoid of life. The company Holloway works for has been obtaining the planet's resources and they will lose their right to prospect if sapient life is discovered. It is Holloway's job to make sure the Fuzzies are not discovered.

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