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Wow, wow, wow.

User Review  - Phoenix C. - Borders

The first book I've ever read by Zusak was The Book Thief. My one friend was reading a book where there was a review on the back by him, and I mentioned the Book Thief. She had read it as well, and we ... Read full review

absolutely fantastic

User Review  - vegalien - Borders

I just started reading Markus Zusak a year ago (The Book Thief was my first) and I was immediately fascinated by his writing. It's poetic and simplistic but poignant and emotionally deep. In every ... Read full review

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Very good book! Markus Zusak i would like to write books one day do you have any advice for me?

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I loved this book. I feel that it deserves every star that I gave it for interesting characters, and an exciting plot throughout the story. This book is one that gets you hooked, if even you have never read or do not like the specific genre that it falls in
That author did a very good job in devolping the importance of the cards and the events that took place.
I would recommend this book to anybody and everybody. It was amazing to say the least.

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This is one of my all time favorite books, at the peak of my top shelf this book is definitely worth the read. l would recommend this book to anyone and have nothing negative to say about it. l give it 10 playing cards out of 10.

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Loved it
An amazing, easy to read book with an great story of suspense and life. I teared up a couple times at parts that were barely meant to be sad. A really good read

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Greatest book ever
This is my favorite book of all time. I love Markus Zusak style of story telling. His characters always have a way of relating to you despite the differences of circumstances. The
struggles Ed goes through, he's not doing bad, but wants to do more with his life, especially being shadowed by his siblings accomplishments. Overall its a good book with an unexpected ending that touches you in a way that makes you want to change some things in your life as well. 

Review: I Am the Messenger

User Review  - Nintendoguy77 - Walmart

Really liked this book, more so than his other book, the book thief. It's a feel good good book, that gives hope in the human race. Loved this one! Read full review

Review: I Am the Messenger

User Review  - Cherrie - Goodreads

I'm glad that I read though the book and make it my fist finished English novel. It is the language that I wanna admire a lot. Zusak, with his sense of humour, lays good foundations in the ealier ... Read full review

Incredible story, voice, and victory for literacy

User Review  - Walmart

Without a doubt I would reread, recommed, and foever cherish this book. Its funny, entertainig, and writing in such way that it adresses the most pressing and intense ideas of life and society in a way that is lighthearted, entertaining, and effective. A truly amazing read. Read full review

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