Meslom's Messages from the Life Beyond

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Brentano's, 1920 - Channeling (Spiritualism) - 139 pages
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If you're searching for spiritual truths, please read Mesloms messages. I have read many books to gain spiritual knowledge and i would rate both Mesloms messages amongst my top 5 favourites. Its a pity that Mesloms wonderful messages have been overlooked by the spiritual community.

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Page 54 - Life is real, life is earnest, And the grave is not its goal. Dust thou art to dust returnest Was not spoken of the soul. Let us then be up and doing With a heart for any fate, Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labour and to wait.
Page 29 - ... requires concentration of purpose and the great strength of will of Meslom to accomplish it. Enough for this morning. May 8, 1917. The joy that pervades life on this plane is difficult to put into words for you. Here thoughts and ideas are interchanged by a sort of automatic intercourse, or rather an interpenetration of mind. Words and languages have ceased to be necessary as a vehicle of communication.
Page 7 - I really didn't care. I could not struggle along any further, but if you had not called me and found a way to reach me, I should have been obliged to wait for long ages, because in the ordinary course it requires a much longer time to come back to consciousness. Help me by loving me. [6] I will come and Meslom says he will help you and me, and your faith in my real life helps me and so I can help you. You need not grieve at all. I can come whenever you call, and I love you more than ever.
Page 17 - ... am instructed by a sort of absorption of this lifegiving love. I am much stronger and every day, as you call it, I see more. I am at last freed from all restraint. My real nature and love of the beautiful and the ideal is able to go on untrammelled. I long for the complete and full expression of my nature and know with a marvellous certainty that it is to come.
Page 107 - Many faint and must remain unconscious until strengthened [106] by the marvellous life-giving love of God which is all about them, but of which they remain ignorant until, by an act of free will, they desire to go forward. Those who are strong enough to make this decision realize fully the tremendous task before them and its unavoidableness. If they will to undo the harm at no matter what cost, and ask for help, they are immediately granted a vision of transcendent loveliness in which they see the...
Page 25 - ... glow. Love is essentially unselfish in its essence and essentially beneficent in its results. It radiates and gives strength and joy, and life becomes perfect in its warmth. It becomes absolutely selfless, and it is only when you begin to so love one another that you are fitted to take up this work. All selfishness must be put aside on your part and our own. Life must be lived for the good it radiates. It is not necessary to go far afield to search for work to do. The everyday exercise of thought...
Page 3 - ... very well known to me. I never knew I could come back. I have been asleep and lost a long time. I am just awakening and I am all in a tremor to think I am really alive yet and able to see you. I can come to you from time to time. Meslom will help me — I can come — I am already stronger. I went away too soon but now I can make up for the time I wasted. Meslom. L. has been obliged to stop. He is not yet strong enough to do much but I brought you together and you are to help and be a great power....
Page 53 - The expression of this life, which on earth was enclosed in a body, has now become clearer here. The earthly body has given place to a spiritual one, which remains in its personal characteristics the same, but has progressed mentally and spiritually.
Page 52 - When freed from mental disturbance and external dissonance you vibrate in perfect harmony with the eternal — not in unison, for each has his own individual quality, but in harmony.

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