The vocation of man, tr. by W. Smith

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Page 199 - Fichte's opinions may be true or false ; but his character, as a thinker, can be slightly valued only by such as know it ill ; and as a man, approved by action and suffering, in his life and in his death, he ranks with a class of men who were common only in better ages than ours.
Page 207 - A HISTORY OF THE HEBREW MONARCHY from the Administration of Samuel to the Babylonish Captivity. By FW Newman.
Page 199 - We state Fichte's character, as it is known and admitted by men of all parties among the Germans, when we say that so robust an intellect, a soul so calm, so lofty, massive, and immovable, has not mingled in philosophical discussion since the time of Luther.
Page 202 - Edition, with a New Introduction. " No candid reader of the ' Creed of Christendom ' can close the book without the secret acknowledgment that it is a model of honest investigation and clear exposition, conceived in the true spirit of serious and faithful research.
Page 221 - He has an intellect vehement, rugged, irresistible ; crushing in pieces the hardest problems ; piercing into the most hidden combinations of things, and grasping the most distant : an imagination vague, sombre, splendid, or appalling ; brooding over the abysses of Being ; wandering through Infinitude, and summoning before us, in its dim religious light, shapes of brilliancy, solemnity, or terror : a fancy of exuberance literally unexampled...
Page 203 - The Cotton and Commerce of India. Considered in Relation to the Interests of Great Britain; with Remarks on Railway Communication in the Bombay Presidency. By JOHN CHAPMAN, Founder and late Manager of the Great Indian Peninsular Railway Company. 8vo, cloth.
Page 208 - A modest and kindly care for his reader's convenience has induced the translator often to supply the rendering into English of a Greek quotation, where there was no corresponding rendering into German in the original. Indeed, Strauss may well say, as he does in the notice, which he writes for this English edition, that as far as he has examined it, the translation is, "et accurata et perspicua.
Page 180 - Thou art, and seemest to Thine own being, I can never know, any more than I can assume Thy nature. After thousands upon thousands of spirit-lives, I shall comprehend Thee as little as I do now in this earthly house. That which I conceive. becomes finite through my very conception of it : and this...
Page 211 - CATHOLICITY, SPIRITUAL AND INTELLECTUAL. An Attempt at Vindicating the Harmony of Faith and Knowledge. A Series of Discourses. By THOMAS WILSON, MA, late Minister of St. Peter's, Mancroft, Norwich, Author of " Travels in Egypt and Syria,
Page 194 - ... to my heart. In all the forms that surround me, I behold the reflection of my own being, broken up into countless diversified shapes, as the morning sun, broken in a thousand dew-drops, sparkles towards itself.

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