The Larger Liberalism

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author's private circulation, 1918 - Industries - 199 pages
Outlines of a social philosophy for the United States of America.

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Page 60 - From the same source must come the greatly increased public provision that the Labor party will insist on being made for scientific investigation and original research, in every branch of knowledge, not to say also for the promotion of music, literature and fine art, which have been under capitalism so greatly neglected, and upon which, so the Labor party holds, any real development of civilization fundamentally depends.
Page 57 - To secure for the producers by hand or by brain the full fruits of their industry, and the most equitable distribution thereof that may be possible, upon the basis of the common ownership of the means of production and the best obtainable system of popular administration and control of each industry or service...
Page 54 - The four pillars of the house that we propose to erect, resting upon the common foundation of the democratic control of society in all its activities, may be termed: a. The universal enforcement of the national minimum; b. The democratic control of industry; c. The revolution in national finance; and d. The surplus wealth for the common good.
Page 56 - Finally, wherever practicable, the hours of adult labor should be reduced to not more than fortyeight per week, without reduction of the standard rates of wages. There can be no economic or other justification for keeping any man or woman to work for long hours, or at overtime, whilst others are unemployed.
Page 59 - Labor party stands for a special capital levy to pay off, if not the whole, a very substantial part of the entire national debt — a capital levy chargeable like the death duties on all property, but (in order to secure approximate equality of sacrifice) with exemption of the smallest savings and for the rest at rates very steeply graduated, so as to take only a small contribution from the little people and a very much larger percentage from the millionaires.
Page 125 - ... by joint committees of the trades concerned, of the several establishments with the materials they require; of the present elaborate system of "costing" and public audit of manufacturers' accounts so as to stop the waste heretofore caused by the mechanical inefficiency of the more backward firms; of the present salutary publicity of manufacturing processes and expenses thereby...
Page 14 - Nation's needs; and the one-tenth of the population which owns nine-tenths of the riches of the United Kingdom, far from being made poorer, will find itself, in the aggregate, as a result of the war, drawing in rent and interest and dividends a larger nominal income than ever before. Such a position demands a revolution in national finance. How are we to discharge a public debt that may well reach the almost incredible figure of...
Page 55 - This minimum of not less than 303. per week (which will need revision according to the level of prices) ought to be the very lowest statutory base line for the least skilled adult workers, men or women, in any occupation, in all parts of the United Kingdom.
Page 57 - ... and the .setting free of all who work, whether by hand or by brain, for the service of the community, and of the community only. And the...
Page 18 - a man who is not interested in his work and does not recognize in it either beauty or utility, is degraded by that work, whether he knows it or not...

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