Minnie's Pet Monkey ... Illustrated

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Lee and Shepard, successors to Phillips, Sampson & Company, 1864 - Children and animals - 152 pages
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Page 151 - Nature is Man's best teacher. She unfolds Her treasures to his search, unseals his eye, Illumes his mind, and purifies his heart. An influence breathes from all the sights and sounds Of her existence ; she is Wisdom's self.
Page 109 - ... the crew, and in order to make him perfectly happy, as they imagined, they procured him a wife. For some weeks he was a devoted husband, and showed her every attention and respect. He then grew cool, and became jealous of any kind of civility shown her by the master of the vessel, and began to use her with much cruelty. His treatment made her wretched and dull; and she bore the spleen of her husband with that fortitude which is characteristic of the female sex of the human species.
Page 152 - s not a plant- that springeth, But bears some good to earth — There's not a life but bringeth Its store of harmless mirth — The dusty way-side clover Has honey in its cells, The wild bee, humming over, Her tale of pleasure tells ; The osiers, o'er the fountain, Keep cool the water's breast, And on the roughest mountain The softest moss is press'd. Thus holy Wisdom teaches The worth of blessings small, That Love pervades, and reaches, And forms the bliss of all...
Page 36 - In the countries of the Eastern Peninsula and Archipelago, where they abound, the matrons are often observed, in the cool of the evening, sitting in a circle round their little ones, which amuse themselves with various gambols. The merriment of the young, as they jump over each other's heads, make mimic fights, and wrestle in sport, is most ludicrously...
Page 15 - American monkey pulls in his tail, coils it up as well as he can, and gives it a most malicious bite, as much as to say, " I wish you were off ; you are of no use to me now, and you look terribly shabby.
Page 129 - Notwithstanding this close approximation to the shape of the dog's head, the form und position of the eyes, combined with the similarity of the arms and hands, give to these creatures a re.semblance to humanity as striking as it is disgusting. The whole aspect of the animal impresses the beholder with an idea of great physical strength, united with a temper at once incorrigibly vicious and brutally ferocious. Such, at least, is...
Page 16 - This much frightened the poor man, but with great presence of mind, quite astonishing under the circumstances, he retaliated the insult, " Sir, that's a dog ; you must pay for it accordingly.
Page 132 - Hope, where a species of baboon (C. splrinx) is found in considerable numbers, the inhabitants chase them with dogs and guns, in order to destroy them, on account of the ravages they commit in the fields and gardens. They make a very obstinate and effectual resistance to the dogs, and only retreat before men when armed with guns. They feed exclusively on fruits, seeds, and other vegetable matter, which shows how independent their disposition is of every thing but peculiar organization. Nothing can...
Page 143 - ... it, he threw down the shells upon his adversary, as if to make game of him. In that case, the dog returned, looking ashamed, from which I could conjecture the unlucky adventure he had met with. "Kees was always the first awake in the morning, and when it was the proper time he awoke the dogs, who were accustomed to his voice, and, in general, obeyed without hesitation the slightest motions by which he communicated his orders to them, immediately taking their posts about the tent and carriage,...
Page 43 - He feigned death, and lay perfectly motionless on the ground, near to his stake. The birds approached by degrees, and got near enough to steal his food, which he allowed them to do. This he repeated several times, till they became so bold as to come within the reach of his claws. He calculated his distance, and laid hold of one of them.

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