The Bubbles of Finance: Joint Stock Companies, Promoting of Companies, Modern Commerce, Money Lending, and Life Insuring

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S. Low, Son, and Marston, 1865 - London (England) - 261 pages
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Page 263 - Like unto Christ. A New Translation of the "De Imitatione Christi " usually ascribed to Thomas a Kempis, With a Vignette from an Original Drawing by Sir Thomas Lawrence.
Page 263 - Plutarch's Lives. An entirely new Library Edition, carefully revised and corrected, with some Original Translations by the Editor. Edited by AH Clough, Esq. sometime Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, and late Professor of English Language and Literature at University College.
Page 263 - Kempis. With a Vignette from an Original Drawing by Sir Thomas Lawrence. Think of the little work of Thomas a Kempis, translated into a hundred languages, and sold by millions of copies, and which* in inmost moments of deep thought, men make the guide of their hearts, and the friend of their closets.
Page 263 - Favourite English Poems. Complete Edition. Comprising a Collection of the most celebrated Poems in the English Language, with but one or two exceptions unabridged, from Chaucer to Tennyson. With 300 Illustrations by the first Artists. Two vols. royal 8vo. half bound, top gilt. Roxburgh style, U. 18s. ; antiqne calf, 3!. 3s. •, Either Volume sold separately as distinct works. 1. "Early English Poems, Chaucer to Dyer.
Page 141 - ... portion taken by the west to the inland markets, is still greater. The extent of shipping required to take away the cotton crop of this state is 100,000 tons, and an equal quantity of inland tonnage is employed in carrying it from the plantation to the New-Orleans market. " The New-Orleans merchants receive a commission of two and a half per cent, upon the gross amount of the sales of our products ; and the price is generally paid with the proceeds of bills which the bankers of that city discount...
Page 264 - The Physical Geography of the Sea and its Meteorology ; or, the Economy of the Sea and its Adaptations, its Salts, its Waters, its Climates, its Inhabitants, and whatever there may be of general interest in its Commercial Uses or Industrial Pursuits. By Commander MF Maury, LL.D Tenth Edition.
Page 263 - GREAT SCHOOLS OF ENGLAND. A History of the Foundation, Endowments, and Discipline of the chief Seminaries of Learning in England ; including Eton, Winchester, Westminster, St. Paul's, Charterhouse, Merchant Taylors', Harrow, Rugby, Shrewsbury, &c ; with notices of distinguished Scholars. By Howard Staunton, Esq.
Page 102 - Elgin told us that, if the paragraphs were not omitted, he would not receive the address ; and, on the principle of half a loaf being better than no bread, we omitted the paragraphs.
Page 229 - ... out a prospectus for our bank, it was necessary both to study the commercial statistics of Patagonia, and to quote largely from papers and other documents relating to its produce and trade, or else to trust to chance, and write, as it were, a pleasantly coloured picture respecting our prospects of banking in that country. The former I was afraid would take up too much time, and therefore I chose the latter. ... I commenced the document by stating that "This company has been formed for the purpose...
Page 156 - I will give you a letter of introduction to him, and I hope you may be able to arrange matters to your satisfaction.

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