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Current Literature Publishing Company, 1918 - Music

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Page 117 - Etudes de philologie musicale: 1. Théorie COMBS CONANT du rythme dans la composition moderne d'après la doctrine antique (1896, critique and simplification of Westphal), 2. Essai sur l'archéologie musicale au XIX* siècle et le 'problème de l'origine des neumes (1896, thèse two latter were awarded prizes by the Académie), 3.
Page 198 - Schumann (1884), Masters of German Music (1894), The Musician's Pilgrimage (1899), English Music in the 19th Century (1902), The Age of Bach and Handel (vol. iv of The Oxford Hist, of Mus.,' 1902), Joseph Joachim (1908), Brahms (1911; transl. into German by AW Sturm, 1912), The Consort of Music (1915).
Page 90 - Dreaming Song; Eventide; Whar de Watermilyuns Grow; On the Sands When Starlight Shone; The White Rose; The Pink Carnation; Where the. Shady River Deepens; All Thy Works Shall Praise Thee: Elder Blooms: The Tale of the Humming Bird.
Page 259 - Preludes and Studies," 1891 ; " What is Good Music?" 1898; "How Music Developed," 1898 ; " The Orchestra and Orchestral Music," 1899 ; " Richard Wagner, His Life and His Dramas...
Page 332 - Festival, 1880; Notes on the Cultivation of Choral Music, 1884; Review of the New York Musical Season (5 vols.), 1885-90; Studies In Wagnerian Drama, 1891; The Philharmonic Society of New York, 1892; How to Listen to -Music, 1896; Music and Manners In the Classical Period, 1898; Chapters of Opera.
Page 293 - L'intelligence et le rythme dans les mouvements artistiques (1905); Le rythme du regard et ¡a dissociation des doigts (1906); La coloration des sensations tactiles (1910); La résonnance du toucher et la topographie des pulpes (1912).
Page 138 - De l'Aube à midi sur la mer (pourquoi midi?); 2° Jeux de vagues; 3° Dialogue du vent et de la mer (1905).
Page 420 - De l'influence de l'accent tonique latin et du cursus sur la structure mélodique et rythmique de la phrase grégorienne, in: Paléographie Musicale, tome III, Solesmes 1892, pp.
Page 179 - Songs and Song Writers," 1900 ; " Fifty Masterpieces," 1902 ; " Fifty Schubert Songs," 1903 ; " Grieg and His Music," 1909 ; " Success in Music and How it is Won...
Page 184 - Cortege' for wind-instruments; incidental music to Hauptmann's 'Hannele'; 'Helena,' a scene from Goethe's Faust, for soprano and orchestra; and much chorus-music. He is the author of Finnish Music, 1900 (in Swedish), J. Sibelius (in 'Finnische Rundschau,' 1901), Die Entwicklung der Musik in Finnland (in 'Die Musik...

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