Fly Fishing

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Dent, 1899 - Fishing - 277 pages
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Page 133 - It ceased ; yet still the sails made on A pleasant noise till noon, A noise like of a hidden brook In the leafy month of June, That to the sleeping woods all night Singeth a quiet tune.
Page 173 - The pure act of breathing at such times seems glorious. People talk of being a child of nature, and moments such as these are the times when it is possible to feel so; to know the full joy of animal life — to desire nothing beyond. There are times when I have stood still for joy of it all, on my way through the wild freedom of a Highland moor, and felt the wind, and looked upon the mountains and water and light and sky, till I felt conscious only of the strength of a mighty current of life, which...
Page 118 - I am inclined to think, this opinion proceeded originally from the zeal of the partisans of our author and Ben Jonson; as they endeavoured to exalt the one at the expense of the other.
Page 66 - at various times started in my own mind so many theories which have been suggested by experience and afterwards upset by it, that I do not desire to press anyone to accept an opinion unless there is anything in his own experience which goes to support it. There is only one theory about angling in which I have perfect confidence, and that is that the two words, least appropriate to any statement about it, are the words ' always' and
Page 137 - Worm-fishing," says Mr. Stewart, " is the most certain and deadly of all fishing; and by it more trout may be captured in the month of July than by any other means in any other month of the year. And he is not worthy of the name of angler who cannot in any day of the month, when the water is clear, kill from fifteen to twenty pounds weight in any county in the south of Scotland.
Page 245 - ... on to the bank. This was very pretty work. I remember once getting several trout quickly one after the other in this place, and then they suddenly stopped taking. One little favourite pool after another produced nothing, and a fear of something unknown came over me ; the gloom and stillness...
Page 172 - North, that there come times when the angler, who wanders alone after sea-trout down glens and over moors, has a sense of physical energy and strength beyond all his experience in ordinary life. Often after walking a mile or two on the way to the river, at a brisk pace, there comes upon one a feeling of "fitness...
Page 137 - There are not three days, perhaps not even a single day, from May till October, in which an angler, thoroughly versed in all the mysteries of the craft, should not kill at least twelve pounds weight of trout in any county in the south of Scotland, not excepting Edinburghshire itself; and to describe the way in which this may be done, is our object in this small volume.
Page 108 - ... fished over. Perseverance and continuous rapid work seemed to have most effect. There was one man who understood those fish better than any one else, and who caught far more ; he fished nearly every day, and from watching him long and often I became aware of certain peculiarities in his style. Of course he knew the water very well and generally managed to be at a very good place when the rise began, and once there his plan was to stick to his fish and to cast quickly. He dried his fly harder...
Page 19 - Grey too ; he says that he knows nothing which equals the excitement of having hooked an unexpectedly large fish on a small rod and fine tackle.

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