Caxton Celebration, 1877: Catalogue of the Loan Collection of Antiquities, Curiosities, and Appliances Connected with the Art of Printing

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George Bullen
Printed at the Elzevir Press, 1877 - Caxton Celebration - 472 pages
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Page 201 - magnificent Entertainment giuen to King James, Queene Anne his wife, and Henry Frederick the Prince, upon the day of His Majesties triumphant passage (from the Tower through his honourable Citie (and Chamber) of London), being the 15 of March, 1603, as well by the English as by the strangers ; with the Speeches and Songes delivered in the severall
Page 31 - THE Boke of Good manners. Wynkyn de Worde, 1507. 410. Woodcuts. Lent by the Rev. JF Russell. The only perfect copy known. 242. THE Floure of the comanndementes of god. " Enprynted at London in Flete strete at the sygne of the sonne by Wrynkyn de Worde." 1510. Folio. Lent by Archdeacon Harrison. 243. NOVA legenda
Page 152 - Camerarius' Notes, Summaries, Expositions, and marginal references. The Arguments preceding the Gospels, the Acts, etc., are omitted, though expressly mentioned in the title. 1004. NEW Testament (English). The/ Newe Testa-/ment of Ovr/ Lord lesvs/ Christ./ C Faithfully traslated out/ of Greeke./ Imprinted at London/ by the Deputies of Christopher Barker,/ Printer to the Queenes most/ excellent Maiestie./ Anno
Page 431 - to bye ony pyes of two and thre comemoracios of salisburi use enprynted after the forme of this preset lettre whiche ben wel and truly correct late hym come to westmonester in to the almonesrye at the reed pale and he shal have them good chepe. Supplico stet cedula." Date ante 1480. An advertisement of an
Page 128 - olde and newe testament, truly/ translated after the veryte of the/ Hebrue and Greke textes, by y e dy-/lygent studye of dyuerse excellent/ learned men, expert in the forsayde/ tonges./ CT Prynted by Rychard Grafton t/ Edward Whitchurch./ Cum priuilegio ad imprimen-/dum solum./
Page 236 - Dean Swift, writing to Stella, says : — "These devils of Grub Street rogues, that write the Flying Post and Medley, will not be quiet. They are always mauling the Lord Treasurer and me. We have the dog under prosecution, but Bolingbroke is not active enough ; but I hope to swing him.
Page 132 - BIBLE (English, Cranmer's, May.) C The Byble in/ Englysh, that is to saye the content/ of all the holy scripture, both of the/ olde and newe Testament with a/ Prologe thereinto, made by/ the reuerende father in/ God, Thomas/ archbyshop/ ,', of Cantor ,', / bury. C This is the Byble appoynted/ to the use of
Page 209 - THE Triumphs of London ; performed on Monday, October xxix. 1683, for the entertainment of the right honourable and truly noble pattern of prudence and loyalty Sir Henry Tulse, knt., Lord Mayor of the city of London, containing a description of the whole solemnity. 4to. London, 1683.
Page 214 - 4to. London, nd 1595. THE seuen deadly sinnes of London, drawn in seuen seuerall coaches through the seuen seuerall gates of the citie, bringing the Plague with them. Opus septem dierum. By Tho. Dekker. 410. London, 1606. 1596. LONDON'S Remembrancer; or a true account of every particular weeks Christnings and Mortality in the years of Pestilence. 410. London, 1665.
Page 152 - Imprinted at London by the De-/puties of Christopher Barker,/ Printer to the Qveenes most excel-/lent Maiestie./ Anno 1597. Cum priuilegio./ Folio. Lent by Francis Fry, Esq. 6 prel. leaves, viz. Title, reverse blank ; "To the most ver-/tvovs and noble Qveene/ Elizabith," 3 pp.; "To ovr Beloved in the Lord," I p.; "A Table conteining the Cycle/ of the Sunne,

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