Joe Zuken, Citizen and Socialist

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James Lorimer & Company, 1990 - Biography & Autobiography - 276 pages
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A long-time Winnipeg communist city councillor and school trustee, Joe Zuken was loved and hated in about equal measure. He was ignored by no one.

The son of Jewish immigrants from the Ukraine, Zuken received his political education in the hard school of the Great Depression. His subsequent career as a lawyer and municipal politician highlights the forces that dominated Winnipeg's social and political life from the 1930s to the 1980s: the impact of European migration, the growth of radicalism, the internment of communists in World War Two, the political witchunting of the Cold War.

Joe Zuken: Citizen and Socialist examines these issues through the life of a man who, through good times and bad, remained passionately devoted to social justice.

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Can somebody take/make a lawsuit for me? On Sat, Jan 21, 2012 at my home at 5098 Mt. Matheson Rd. in East Sooke, BC,...... I had what were to be my septic tank excavation workers enter my home, without permission and after a bath, pick me up and carry me out into my back yard where they used me to gently bash my head into the outside rear logs of my log home. They were so arrogant in conducting this maneuver that one worker showed the other exactly how to do the bashing properly and slowly. ( I could not believe what I was hearing! ) And as they conducted their slow bashing, I was given a series of questions that they wanted answered about whatever they wanted to know about. There was no pressure to answer them in any way, but they did want answers to their questions... The concern that I had was that I was recovering from brain surgery in October, so my head was definitely not to be bashed against log walls, any walls, or anything.
After the bashing, I was carried back into my home where I was slammed into my kitchen wall side-a-ways. After this, I ran to try to phone 911 for police. The hoodlums stood back. No-one answered in Sooke. I tried to call for help in Langford, but no-one answered. I tried RCMP in Victoria, but they said that RCMP were helping north of Victoria at present and could not come to East Sooke on Saturday, at least not immediately.... When I hung-up the phone, the hoodlums came to me and carried me back to my kitchen wall where they bashed me front-ways into it. They then pulled a schringe from out of a medical case and told that things were going to get a lot worse for me if I refused their injection. So, I let them proceed, and they injected me with their drug into the back of my neck as I faced my kitchen wall. The solution was anesthetic because the rest of the day and much of the next day, I slept. The hoodlum septic workers or police, whatever they were, remained in my house making me meals as time wore-on.
My septic workers resumed their work on my septic tank outside my house on Monday, Jan 23rd 2012. They then left the site. I phoned RCMP in Sooke for help again and got a car out which delivered me to Victoria General Hospital. I frankly got the run-around attitude from the RCMP, too. "We are very busy. Is this an emergency? Why?"
Holding me in hospital as if I were insane for telling the hospital this story, they released me to my neighbour who drove down to pick me up on Wednesday, Jan 25, 2012. I then had the problem of how to keep my house and to get food because the nearest grocery store was in Langford which was 13 miles away. So, I had to sell my house and quickly..... And then of course the mafia pays me visit to solve this problem. They give me a quick cash offer through a local real estate company for my beautiful log home. The offer is about 95% of market value for the home, but the mafia offer is cash and in-hand. Without a driving license, I had to move quickly and clear out of Canada before the food in the fridge runs-out.
Now that I am out of Canada and that things have settled-down, maybe I can tell this story and demand that things change in Canada, and especially so in BC where no lawyer takes my case nor the RCMP does anything for me to investigate in Victoria, nor CBC Television investigates in Victoria.
Neither does anybody investigate Victoria General Hospital. The parking meters at the emergency room entrance is outrageous! The RCMP office in Sooke without signs for their office location is strange and hostile. They have a hostility and arrogance toward inquirers and visitors.
The attitudes in Victoria are certainly anti-tourist now and even anti-Canadian.
And I would like to talk about the brain surgery experience that I have had at Victoria General Hospital. Outrageous and mafia would describe it. Maybe that is the new Canada. That and the new environmentalists of my generation; it's quite a place! And then one or two cents per year of beaver buck de-valuation plus taxes and GST on everything. Canada..... how


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DOUG SMITH is a freelance writer who has contributed regularly to This Magazine and CBC Radio. He is the author of an illustrated history of the Manitoba labour movement.

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