Naval Battles, Ancient and Modern

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J.C. McCurdy & Company, 1883 - Dummies (Bookselling) - 700 pages
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Page 104 - Here die I, Richard Grenville, with a joyful and quiet mind; for I have ended my life as a true soldier ought to do, fighting for his country, queen, religion and honor. My soul willingly departing from this body, leaving behind the
Page 48 - Enob. Most worthy sir, you therein throw away The absolute soldiership you have by land; Distract your army, which doth most consist Of war-mark'd footmen; leave unexecuted Vour own renowned knowledge ; quite forego The way which promises assurance ; and Give up yourself merely to chance and hazard, From firm security. Ant. I'll fight at sea.
Page 48 - Ingrossed by swift impress ; in Caesar's fleet Are those that often have 'gainst Pompey fought; Their ships are yare; yours, heavy; no disgrace Shall fall you for refusing him at sea, Being prepared for land. Ant. By sea, by sea. Enob. Most worthy sir, you therein throw away The absolute soldiership you have by land; Distract your
Page 469 - DEAR GENERAL, We have met the enemy, and they are ours. Two ships; two brigs ; one schooner; and one sloop. Yours with very great respect and esteem, OH PERRY.
Page 48 - So hath my lord dared him to single fight. Canid. Ay, and to wage this battle at Pharsalia, Where Caesar fought with Pompey : but these offers Which serve not for his vantage he shakes off; And so should you. Enob. Your
Page 254 - retreating to the quarter-deck. I pushed immediately onward for the quarter-deck, where I found Captain Berry in possession of the poop, and the Spanish ensign hauling down. I passed, with my people and Lieutenant Pearson, on the larboard gangway, to the forecastle, when I met
Page 402 - had both their van and rear abaft the beam. Before the fire opened, every alternate ship was about a cable's length to windward of her second ahead and astern, forming a kind of double line, and appeared, when on their beam, to leave very little
Page 168 - SIR : I had little hopes on Monday last but to have supped in your cabin, but it pleased God to order it otherwise ; I am thankful for it. As for those cowardly captains who deserted you, hang them up, for by they deserve it. Yours, Du CASSE.
Page 254 - regiment, were almost the foremost on this service. The first man who jumped into the enemy's mizzen-chains was Captain Berry, late my first lieutenant; (Captain Miller was in the very act of going, also, but I directed him to remain;) he was supported from our sprit-sail yard, which hooked in
Page 382 - Let us be masters of the Channel for six hours, and we are masters of the world." A skillfully combined plan, by which the British fleet would have been divided, while the whole French navy was concentrated in the Channel, was delayed by the death of the Admiral

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