The Poetical Works of George Sandys: A paraphrase upon the Psalms (cont.) A paraphrase upon Ecclesiastes. A paraphrase upon the Song of Solomon. A paraphrase upon the Lamentations of Jeremiah. A paraphrase upon the songs collected out of the Old and New Testaments. Deo opt. max. Christ's passion, a tragedy. Appendix

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Smith, 1872 - Bible - 1 pages

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Page 308 - Savage beasts, all creeping things ; All that cut the air with wings. You who awful sceptres sway, You inured to obey ; Princes, judges of the earth, All of high and humble birth ; Youths and virgins flourishing In the beauty of your spring ; You who bow with age's weight, You who were but born of late ; Praise His name with one consent ; O, how great ! how excellent ! Than the earth profounder far, Higher than the highest star.
Page 239 - ALL, from the sun's uprise, Unto his setting rays, Resound in jubilees, The great Jehovah's praise. Him serve alone ; In triumph bring Your gifts, and sing, Before his throne.
Page 388 - As if untouch'd with sacred oil The bow of noble Jonathan Great battles won; His arrows on the mighty fed, With slaughter red. Saul never raised his arm in vain, His sword still glutted with the slain. How lovely!
Page 387 - Lest that sad story should excite Their dire delight ; Lest in the torrent of our woe Their pleasure flow ; Lest their triumphant daughters ring Their cymbals, and their paeans sing.
Page 405 - I see Thy glory, and Thy mercy meet. Met on the Thracian shores, when in the strife Of frantic Simoans Thou preserv'dst my life. So when Arabian thieves belayed us round, And when, by all abandoned, Thee I found.
Page 404 - ... him fight ; Troops of unknown diseases, sorrow, age, And death assail him with successive rage. Hell let forth all her furies • none so great As man to man : — ambition, pride, deceit, Wrong armed with power, lust, rapine, slaughter reigned, And flattered vice the name of virtue gained.
Page 294 - Judah unto Babel brought, Deride the tears which from our sorrows spring ; And say, in scorn, A song of Sion sing. Shall we profane our harps at their command, Or holy hymns sing in a foreign land? O Solyma! thou that art now become A heap of stones, and to thyself a tomb, When I forget thee, my dear mother, let My fingers their melodious skill forget; When I a joy disjoined from thine receive, Then may my tongue unto my palate cleave. Remember Edom, Lord, their cruel pride, Who in the sack of wretched...
Page 403 - THOU, who all things hast of nothing made, "Whose hand the radiant firmament displayed, With such an undiscerned swiftness hurled About the steadfast centre of the world ; Against whose rapid course the restless sun, And wandering flames in varied motions run, Which heat, light, life infuse ; time, night, and day Distinguish ; in our human bodies sway : That hung'st the solid...
Page 404 - Worse than their fathers, and their sons more base : Their God-like beauty lost — sin's wretched thrall ; No spark of their divine original Left unextinguished ; all enveloped With darkness; in their bold transgressions dead ; When thou didst from the East a light display, Which rendered to the world a clearer day ; Whose precepts from hell's jaws our steps withdraw, And whose example was a living law : Who purg'd us with his blood ; the way prepar'd To heaven, and those long-chain'd-up doors unbarr'd.
Page 405 - Thou savedst me from the bloody massacres Of faithless Indians ; from their treacherous wars ; From raging fevers ; from the sultry breath Of tainted air, which...

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