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This book offers very little information on how to wean your child, as the title might suggest. Instead, 90% of this book discusses the benefits of breastfeeding until 3-4 years old. The chapters on how to wean a child younger than three are mainly just a response to any reason why you may want to stop and discuss why you should not wean and instead, should continue breastfeeding, with very little advice on how to actually wean your baby. If you are weaning a three year old or older, this will be a great book for you. As with the other stages, you will find the advice on how to wean (2 pages) to be very minimal, but you will at least find the rest of the book a positive support for the decision you made to nurse for 3+ years. For the rest of us, this book will likely make you feel offended for the negativity surrounding the efforts to wean your child after less than 3 years, rather than applauding your significant accomplishment to nurse your baby for the months or years that you did. After reading this book, I feel no further ahead in my challenge to wean my 1 yr old.  

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