Lives of the most eminent foreign statesmen, Volume 5

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Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown & Green, 1838 - Statesmen

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Page 260 - John's baptism was with a creature, with the element of water ; for the creature could baptize but with the creature, that is, John with water ; and...
Page 152 - Coelho, fecular prieft, an officer of the holy office, for fpeaking ill of the holy office, and revealing certain proceedings of that tribunal. — Deprived of his employment in the holy office, and baniihed for feven years to Angola.
Page 152 - Xavier, a clergyman in minor orders, sentenced at Coimbro, at an act of faith on the 26th of September, 1745, for having said mass and confessed people without being qualified ; for not complying with the banishment to which he was then condemned, and afterwards for being guilty of the same offences. — Stripped of his religious habit, whipping, and ten years
Page 171 - ... indiscreet and undigested overtures for the cession of Gibraltar had come from Commodore Johnson through the channel of a messenger from Lisbon, where he was stationed ; the concealed design of which was to cover an attempt to create a suspicion and misunderstanding between that Court and France. " Notwithstanding this impediment, Mr Hussey faithfully persisted in the purposes of his undertaking, and in the course of a conversation with Florida Blanca, took occasion to probe him upon the supposed...
Page 159 - Who?" he added, " His sacred majesty, Don Carlos the third, king of Spain and the Indies." The king smiled at the sally, dismissed him with his usual complacency, and was accustomed to relate the anecdote with apparent satisfaction.
Page 78 - An inquifitive foreigner, however, refolved to be at the bottom, coft what it would ; and by a gratification to one of his pages, which might have procured a greater fecret, he was let into this. In order to...
Page 79 - ... when, preceded by a page, with a cloth on his arm and a drinking glass, one of his...
Page 79 - ... his curiofity, he was placed in a clofet, between the room where the Count was, and the chamber of audience, when he had the fatisfaction of beholding the following pleafant fcene.
Page 78 - On his public days, there was an half hour, and sometimes near a whole one, when he was altogether inaccessible ; and with respect to his employment in those seasons, as is ever the case as to the privacies of prime ministers, there was a great variety of deep as well as different speculations.
Page 171 - ... Florida Blanca, took occasion to probe him upon the supposed engagement of Spain with France not to make peace without her participation and concurrence. The train took' fire, as intended. Piqued at the suggestion, the minister rushed to his cabinet, took out his papers, put them into Mr Hussey 's hands, declaring on his honour that those engagements contained the whole of what had been stipulated between the two allied Courts, and that no part of these could or ever should bind Spain in the...

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