Spirite: A Fantasy

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Page 214 - Authors,' which is destined, we think, to be a success, and which certainly will be a success if its forthcoming volumes are as good as its first one, which is entitled ' Samuel Brohl & Company,' and is by that adroit story-teller, Victor Cherbuliez. We do not intend to give away the plot of this remarkable novel, which is a marvel of ingenuity from beginning to end." From the Philadelphia Item. " ' Samuel Brohl & Company ' is a powerful work, possessing A strong, skillfully-constructed plot, and...
Page 214 - The story illustrates anew what has been illustrated a thou. sand times, namely, that in the art of story-telling the French are masters, whose skill we English-speaking folk can never learn. It is not as novelists that they excel us, for there are English novels enough to contradict that; but as deft-handed story-tellers and deft-handed playwrights the French are much superior to any other race.
Page 214 - The Appletons have commenced the publication of a 'Collection of Foreign Authors/ which is destined, we think, to be a success, and which will be a success If ¡ь forthcoming volume« are as good as ' Samuel Itrohl & Company/
Page 152 - ... wings and glorious robes of light. She describes to him her home in the spirit-world. ' The atmosphere was a shimmering light, shining like a dust of diamonds. I soon perceived that each grain of this dazzling dust was a soul. . . I rushed in a second through millions of miles across the flashings of auroras, rainbow reflections, irradiations of gold and silver, diamond phosphorescence, starry darlings.
Page 170 - During these last words she had risen ; her hands no longer pretended to touch the keys, but the melodies came forth from...
Page 174 - With a little tinted vapor she reproduced her former drosses, and placed the same ribbons and flowers in her hair which she used to wear.
Page 42 - Guy, her too silent admirer, just as much as it was possible for a woman of her nature to love.

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