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Page 11 - Price 2d ; post free for 3 stamps. TEMPERANCE HARP: a Selection of 93 very popular and beautiful Part Songs. Arranged for the use of Bands of Hope and Schools. In the Tonic Sol-fa Notation. Price 2d ; post free for 3 stamps. SILVER HARP; a Selection of 62 Three-Part Songs. Arranged for the use of Schools. In the Tonic Sol-fa Notation. Price 2d ; puat free for 3 stamps. GOLDEN HARP: a Selection of 70 New and Beautiful Sacred Songs.
Page 12 - Pieces suitable for Junior Classes. SILVER BELLS, No. 2, Do. do. SILVER BELLS, No. 3, Do. do. SILVER BELLS, No. 4, Do. do. SILVER CHIMES, No. 1. A Selection of Two and ThreePart Pieces suitable for Senior Classes. SILVER CHIMES, No. 2, Do. do. SILVER HORN. A Selection of Sacred and Secular Pieces suitable for the more advanced Classes In Day Schools. Price 2d., Post free for 3 Stamps. SACRED MUSIC IN THE OLD NOTATION. RA SMITH'S ANTHEMS, DOXOLOGIES, &c.: only Complete Edition, containing Thirteen...
Page 13 - SELECTION OF SACRED MUSIC, containing above 374 Psalm Tunes, Doxologies, and Chants. Tonic Sol-fa Notation. In paper covers, Is. ; post free for 14 stamps. In cloth limp, Is. 6d. ; post free for 20 stamps. TUNE BOARDS FOR PRECENTORS' DESKS.— Just prepared, a new set of Tune Boards, which for distinctness and cheapness, are without a rival— each Board has a Tune on each side. A Sample Board can be sent, post free, on receipt of 12 postage stamps.
Page 8 - Sacred Songs, comprising a number of the old favourite Hymns and a few not so well known as, owing to their merits, they are likely to become. Though specially adapted for the young, the selection contains a few Hymns equally suited to those of riper years.
Page 11 - Price 2d. ; post free for 3 stamps. MINSTREL MELODIES, Words and Music in the Tonic Sol-fa Notation. Price 3d.; post free for 4 stamps. This collection of Melodies has been prepared for the use of Schools and Bands of Hope. The words have been carefully selected for their beauty and purity. MILLER'S SELECTION OP PART SONGS ; arranged for four Voices.
Page 11 - ATHALIA," in the Tonic Sol-fa Notation. Price Is. 6d. ; post free for 20 stamps. HANDEL'S ORATORIO "BELSHAZZAR, in the Tonic Sol-fa Notation. Price 3s. Cd. ; post free for 45 stamps. NEW SERIES-SOL-FA SCHOOL BOOKS. PRICE ONE PENNY. LITTLE SUNBEAMS, No. 1, Simple Pieces for Infant Classes. LITTLE SUNBEAMS, No. 2, Do. do. LITTLE SUNBEAMS, No. 3, Do. do. SCHOOL DUETS, No.
Page 10 - Glees, and Catches. Price 6d.; post free for 7 stamps. ONE HUNDRED SONGS: with Melodies Original and Selected, by James Ballantyne, author of "Castles in the Air," &c., on toned paper and extra binding. Price 5s ; post free for 64 stamps. In tartan boards, 7s. 6d.; post free for 94 stamps. SONGS pF ROBERT BURNS: Words and Music of 83 of his Choicest Songs.
Page 3 - Songs, many of them copyright, In paper covers, 9d. ; post free for 10 stamps, In limp cloth, Is. ; post free for 14 stamps. Handsomely bound in cloth, gilt, price Is. 6d. ; post free for 20 stamps.
Page 3 - Price 6d.; post free, 7 Stamps. ILLUSTRATED BURNS, THE POETICAL WORKS OF. ROBERT BURNS, Complete, with Memoirs, Prefatory Notes, and Marginal Glossary. Beautiful Portrait and other Illustrations — forming the cheapest large-type editions of the Poet's Works ever issued. Extra cloth, extra gilt, price 2s. 6d. ; post free, 34 stamps. Cloth extra, price 2s. ; post free for 28 stamps. Cloth covers, Is;; post free, 14 stamps. SCOTTISH SONGS— OLD NOTATION. SCOTTISH SONGS, Complete ; containing the...
Page 13 - ONE SHILLING. 1. George Washington. 2. The Ten Little Travellers. 3. Funny Animals. 4. Picture Alphabet. 5. British Sports. 6. Sports and Games. 7. Little Folks at Home. 8. Happy Boys and Girls. 9. The Infant Chinee. 10. Little Folks In China. NEW SERIES OF TWO SHILLING NOVELS.

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