American History Story-book

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Little, Brown,, 1911 - United States - 136 pages
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Page 136 - It will not be amongst the least of General Proctor's mortifications to find that he has been baffled by a youth who has just passed his twenty-first year. He is, however, a hero worthy of his gallant uncle, Gen.
Page 13 - ... we could. But Samoset, our first acquaintance, either was sick or feigned himself so, and would not go with them, and stayed with us till Wednesday morning. Then we sent him to them, to know the reason they came not according to their words ; and we gave him a hat, a pair of stockings and shoes, a shirt, and a piece of cloth to tie about his waist.
Page 30 - Now we will bear it no longer." The general turned to an officer and exclaimed, "Good heavens! the very children draw in a love of liberty with the air they breathe.
Page v - The authors have attempted to describe in some detail the perils, the arduous struggles, the stern lessons of self-denial, and the staunch patriotism of the early settlers of this country.
Page 105 - The conduct of James Jarvis, a midshipman on said frigate, who gloriously preferred certain death to leaving his post, is deserving of the highest praise.
Page 32 - Philippines are and of a right ought to be a free and independent...
Page 99 - ... correspondence, which the President now submitted to Congress. When the account of this shameful treatment of our envoys and these impudent demands made on our government was published broadcast, the people fell into a patriotic rage and demanded an immediate declaration of war against France. Such an outburst had not been known since the battle of Lexington. Patriotic songs were written and sung everywhere by the people, and one of these, "Hail Columbia," written by Joseph Hopkinson for a Philadelphia...
Page 18 - Pray that the Indian Squanto may go to the white man's heaven.
Page 98 - Jay succeeded in making a treaty; but this treaty made many of our people angry, especially those who wanted the United States to quarrel with Great Britain and take sides with France.
Page 129 - I am twenty-one years old; old enough to command this fort and old enough to put you in irons if you don't hand over that letter in two minutes.

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