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User Review  - MarkBeronte - LibraryThing

James Watson, the co-discoverer of the structure of DNA and author of the international bestseller The Double Helix, tells the story of the amazing molecule since its discovery fifty years ago ... Read full review

LibraryThing Review

User Review  - GlennBell - LibraryThing

James Watson (of the Watson and Crick fame) writes an insightful, informative, and entertaining book. As an expert in the topic of DNA he provides a thorough discussion of DNA that is able to be ... Read full review

LibraryThing Review

User Review  - psiloiordinary - LibraryThing

An excellent read. The story is told but also so much more background and context is given. We get the science and the personalities and the politics. In fact comprehensive coverage of all three ... Read full review

LibraryThing Review

User Review  - neurodrew - LibraryThing

Written in an informal and chatty style, with personal pictures of major participants in DNA biology over the past 50 years, this is a very readable book. It covers the initial discovery of the ... Read full review

DNA: The Secret of Life

User Review  - Jane Doe - Kirkus

Timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the publication of the Watson-Crick double helix model, and with a PBS series on the history of DNA hosted by Watson, this blockbuster recaps how it ... Read full review

LibraryThing Review

User Review  - Niecierpek - LibraryThing

The book is undoubtedly very interesting. It has lots of information on genetics, genetically modified foods, gene therapy, DNA in crime investigation, in addition to the history of DNA discovery from ... Read full review

LibraryThing Review

User Review  - DonSiano - LibraryThing

James Watson has long been a hero to many, including this humble reviewer. His justified fame is augmented with a laudable forthrightness, a rarity in this era of political correctness and fear of new ... Read full review

DNA: the secret of life

User Review  - Not Available - Book Verdict

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the structure of the DNA molecule, this book is part of a larger project to educate the public about the genetic code and its significance in ... Read full review

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Great book. Interesting, and important knowledge to be gained or relived here.

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