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Book starts off a bit slow but gains momentum once Emilio starts his travels. While he seems to ramble a bit and delve into some minute trivia, his overall book is an excellent example of exploring the limits of machine and man. And the unique experiences/people one will encounter seeing our world via motorcycle. Worth a read and makes a great conversation started on the ottoman in my living room. 

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This is the best book on motorcycle adventure travel I have read so far. It's about this crazy Argentinian who sets out to ride around the world on an 1100 GoldWing (!), with hardly any riding skills, and even less mechanical skills. He starts out carrying "everything" (up to and including full scuba gear!), but gets robbed of it all after a few days. The rest of us would have gone back home, but Scotto continues his journey with $53 or so in his pocket, no gear, but an impressive ability to charm his way to free meals, beds (with and without company) and gas money. Scotto is a great story-teller, and I easily forgive him the spices I am sure he must have sprinkled over his stories. Some of you may remember a "teaser" in the 2005 edition of Cycle World Adventures magazine, where he more or less carried the GoldWing through the jungle in Guinea, West Africa. 

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