Matthew Calbraith Perry: a Typical American Naval Officer

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Cupples and Hurd, 1887 - Diplomats - 459 pages
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Page 7 - Hearken, O daughter, and consider, and incline thine ear; forget also thine own people, and thy father's house; So shall the king greatly desire thy beauty : for he is thy Lord ; and worship thou him.
Page 426 - There shall be a perfect, permanent, and universal peace, and a sincere and cordial amity between the United States of America on the one part, and the Empire of Japan on the other part, and between their people respectively, without exception of persons or places.
Page 377 - ... his notes and materials for the publication of an account of his voyage. He was good enough to say that he had fixed upon me, in his own mind, for this office ; but that my public duties would of course prevent me from engaging in it. I spoke of Herman Melville, and one or two others...
Page 362 - The day was fresh and clear, and everything had a cheerful aspect, in spite of the lingering wintry look of the landscape. The commodore had made every preparation to distinguish the occasion of his second landing in Japan by all necessary parade, knowing, as he did, the importance and moral influence of such show upon so ceremonious and artificial a people as the Japanese.
Page 275 - It is hereby recommended that immediate measures be taken for effecting commercial arrangements with the empire of Japan and the kingdom of Corea,
Page 290 - Hence it may not be surprising that I consider the relief of Commodore Aulick, who is much my junior and served under me in my second squadron, a retrograde movement in that great and deeply fostered aim of an officer of proper ambition to push forward; unless indeed, as I have before remarked, the sphere of action of the East India squadron and its force be so much enlarged as to hold out a well-grounded hope of its conferring distinction upon its commander.
Page 273 - President having named you his agent for the purpose of examining, in the Indian Ocean, the means of extending the commerce of the United States by commercial arrangement with the powers whose dominions border on those seas...
Page 346 - The Shogun lyeyoshi had been ill since the commencement of the summer, and had been rendered very anxious about this sudden and pressing affair of the outer barbarians.
Page 272 - Eclipse, of Boston, chartered at Canton, by the Russian American Company for...
Page 339 - United States of North America, and copy, are hereby received and delivered to the Emperor. Many times it has been communicated that business relating to foreign countries cannot be transacted here in Uraga, but in Nagasaki.

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