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My first read from author Eckhart Tolle. I would always wonder how this author's writing was as I passed by the books for a long time in several book stores, and now that I read one of his books for ... Read full review

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Stillness speaks and connects to God through meditation and Yoga.
This is a fantastic book on life guiding stillness which provides peace, contentment, satisfaction, love, harmony, pleasure, bliss, ecstasy, etc.
S. N. Tiwary

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This is the Second book i read from the same Author.It speaks it's title.

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This book has changed my life. If ever life gets a little hectic, and I forget what it is I'm trying to remember to keep a peaceful base in my daily life, opening this book will calm me and reconnect me to Stillness within moments.
Highly highly recommended!

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A quite brilliant book going to the core of human life.If practiced assidously,would certainly resove a great many issues in daily human life
A basic theme of Ekhardt Tolle is the rise of human
consciousness.And this can be achieved by the practice of what he calls "stillness" ie going down to the depth of your soul and exploring your feelings.He keeps it very simple-just observe what is going on in your head ! The observation leads to a creation of space around the thoughts and emotions and would allow us to explore various issues more rationally.This is a new concept to westerners but is part and parcel of eastern thought-That is not to say that easterners regularly practice it.
Thought tends to be mechanical.Bringing awareness to thought tends to change its emotional tenor.According to Tolle ,nothing more is needed than awareness on a continuous basis.This would be attractive as regards the comtemporary lifestyle and would bring these topics to the forefront of human consciousness as compared to the effort to develop complicated techniques which require all sorts of sacrifices on the part of the practitioner
A very useful and relevant handbook for BUSY people

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muy bueno

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book to bring along the ride into the Now and the Here.

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