Physico-physiological Researches on the Dynamics of Magnetism, Electricity, Heat, Light, Crystallization, and Chemism, in Their Relations to Vital Force

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J. S. Redfield, 1851 - Animal magnetism - 456 pages

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Page 89 - Languedoc, and always remarked, in his course, the beds, the tables, the seats, where they had been. " At Beaucaire, the rod conducted him to the gate of a prison, where he was positive one of the wretches would be found. Fourteen of the prisoners were paraded before him, and the rod turned on a man with a humped back, who had been sent to the prison about one hour before for a petty larceny. The peasant did not hesitate to declare his conviction that the humpbacked man was one of the assassins ;...
Page 345 - I have always observed to be accompanied by the appearance of an effusion of a luminous . fluid upon the surface of the animal, more particularly about the head, which may be received upon the hand, or other bodies brought into contact with the insect at the moment, and these exhibit a phosphoric light for a few seconds afterwards. This fluid, however...
Page 17 - IF a strong magnet, capable of supporting about ten pounds, be drawn downward over the bodies of fifteen or twenty persons, without actually touching them, some among them will always be found to be excited by it in a peculiar manner.
Page 18 - ... of cold or warmth, resembling a cool or gently warm breath of air, which the patients imagine to blow softly upon them. Sometimes they feel sensations of drawing, pricking, or creeping; some complain of sudden attacks of headache. Not only women, but men in the very prime of life, are found distinctly susceptible of this influence ; in children it is sometimes very active.
Page viii - Herschel, as above 1 1 millions of millions of millions of miles! It follows that the light, by which those bright objects become visible to us, cannot have been less than one million and nine hundred thousand years in its progress. Now it is fully in accordance with the statements of holy writ, to believe that the heavenly bodies may have existed through ages, previous to the first day of Genesis, although they did not give light to our planet before that day. The text, it must...
Page 82 - ... to affect the baguette, and running through wooden pipes acts the same as a spring. I can neither make the baguette turn where there is no water, nor prevent it from turning where there is any, and I am perfectly ignorant of the cause why it turns.
Page 339 - ' that the natives use them instead of candles in their houses. They also tie them to their feet and heads in travelling at night, to give light to their path through the forest.
Page 185 - Christian burial, the skeleton is found lying at full length, with the head to the west and the feet to the east, and one skeleton may be found below another.
Page 23 - ... the magnet. When this was closed by the application of the armature, they disappeared, and she saw nothing more ; when it was opened again, the lights reappeared. They seemed to be somewhat stronger at the moment of lifting up the armature, then to acquire a permanent condition which was weaker. The fiery appearance was about equal in size at each pole, and without perceptible tendency to mutual connection. Close upon the steel from which it streamed, it appeared to form a fiery vapor, and this...
Page 82 - All the company present stood close round the lady, with all eyes intently fixed on her hands and the rods, to watch if any particular motion might be made by the fingers — but in vain ; nothing of the kind was perceived, and all the company could observe no cause or reason why the rod should move in the manner as they were seen to do.

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