The American Jew: An Exposé of His Career

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Minerva Publishing Company, 1888 - Anti-Jewish propaganda - 217 pages

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Page 124 - And the children of Israel did according to the word of Moses : and they borrowed of the Egyptians jewels of silver and jewels of gold, and raiment.
Page 169 - that the bridegroom agrees to take the bride as his lawful wife, according to the law of Moses and Israel ; and that he will keep, maintain, honor, and cherish her, according to the manner of all the Jews who honor, keep, maintain, and cherish their wives ; and
Page 44 - A number of women often club together, using one room ; and in such cases, their babies crawl about in the filth on the wet floors, playing with the damp tobacco, and breathing the poison with which the room is saturated.
Page 154 - Christ was born on that evening, the Jews do not study any thing sacred ; but our teacher always made us read a little book called ' Toldoth Jeshu, the Generation of Jesus,' which contains the most horrid blasphemies, and is calculated to fill any person who believes it with prejudice, disgust, and hatred against Jesus and his followers.
Page 44 - and from the general filth not only of this room, but of the house as a whole. Two of the children sat on the floor, stripping the leaves, and another on a
Page 164 - Casher, which signifies right; and on the other, the day of the week in Hebrew characters. At every Christian butcher's who sells meat to the Jews, there is a Jew stationed, who is appointed by the rulers of the synagogue to
Page 169 - keep, maintain, and cherish their wives ; and that he will keep her in clothing decently, according to the custom of the world. This instrument also specifies what sum he settles upon her in case of his death ; and he
Page 151 - It is commanded to slay those of Israel who deny the law and the prophets. If the power is in our hands, then they are to be killed publicly; if not, then we must seek by craft or deceit to accomplish their death.
Page 164 - then to rinse off the salt with clean water. «This is designed to draw out any remaining blood. They must not kill a cow and her calf, a ewe and her lamb, or a she-goat and her kid, on the same day.
Page 163 - as sheep, oxen, and goats ; they must not eat rabbits, hares, or swine. They are to eat no fish but such as have both scales and fins ; no birds of prey, nor any reptile. They are required to abstain from all the species of birds or fowls prohibited

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