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I found Dr. Falwell's book finished by his wife, an outstanding picture of a man who the Lord opened his eyes and lead him to do amazing things for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.
I wonder if the
critics of this book really get reading, as one should walk with the character of the book, and take your shoes off while knocking on 105 doors a day to evangelize your community.
When Jerry Falwell hands his shoes to the future deacon of Thomas Road Baptist Church a man who at the time was NOT attending Church since he did not have shoes to go, a man who will survive Dr. Falwell and still be a deacon at Thomas Road, and then completes his knocking on doors in his socks, you really start to walk with Dr. Falwell in the Ministry God allowed he to develop!
I too had some issues with many of the things Dr. Falwell said politically, though I also understand all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God (pastors too), and could find plenty of room to extend forgiveness to this forgiving man.
It is said, to know someone is to walk in his shoes, well to know Dr. Falwell and enjoy this Book is to walk in his socks!
You will know what I mean if you truly read this book, and will be asking yourself "how did that waitress make out after getting the posthumous scholarship to Liberty University.

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