The guide to astrology, by Raphael, Volume 2

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Page 80 - A skilful person, acquainted with the nature of the stars, is enabled to avert many of their effects, and to prepare himself for those effects when they arise." Diodorus says: " The Chaldeans in Babylon, being colonies of the Egyptians, became famous for astrology, having learned it from the priests of Egypt.
Page 81 - Make the sign occupied by the Moon at the time of birth the sign ascending at the conception; and consider that in which she may be posited at the conception, or the opposite one, as the sign ascending at the birth.
Page 46 - ... so as to form an equilateral triangle with them, and no benefic aspecting them at the time, and the rulers of the lights be in malefic places, the child then born will not be reared, but will shortly die...
Page 81 - MC of his master, the master will place so much confidence in that servant as to be ruled by him. 12. Men of tall stature have their lords of nativity in elevation, and their ascendants in the beginnings of signs; but the lords of men of short stature will be found in declination. It must also be seen whether the signs be right or oblique.
Page 81 - If the mid-heaven of a prince be the ascendant of his subject, or if their respective significators be configurated in a benevolent form, they will continue long inseparable. It will be the same, also, should the sixth house of a subject or servant be the ascendant of his prince or master.
Page 80 - ... the case, if the star significative of any particular affair be in conjunction with the Sun, either under the earth or in a place foreign to its own nature. On the other hand there is manifestation should the star be raised to elevation out of its depression, and be located in its own place. 27. Venus gives pleasure to the native in that part of the body which may be ruled by the sign she occupies. It is the same with the other stars.
Page 50 - ... those equatorial degrees pass the horizon, as well as the meridian, all distances must be calculated according to the various positions of the places in question with respect to those angles, and every equatorial degree signifies a year.
Page 81 - The lords of nativity of slight or thin men have no latitude, but those of stout cr fat men have ; and if the latitude be S., the native will be active, but if N., he will be inactive. 14. The native's sight will be impaired if the J) be...
Page 81 - If both luminaries may be in masculine signs in the nativities of males, their actions will be agreeable to nature; but if so placed in the nativities of females, they increase their action ; and <J and 9 , if matutive, incline to the masculine gender; if vespertive, to the feminine.
Page 80 - When the benefics may be controlled in the eighth house, they bring mischief by means of good men: if, on the other hand, they be well affected, they will prevent mischief.

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