Architectural Record, Volume 43

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Record and Guide, 1918 - Architecture

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Page 45 - ... with that of the face, in the utmost perfection, and the carnation of the cheek does not appear to be painted, but truly of flesh and blood: he who looks earnestly at the pit of the throat cannot but believe that he sees the beating of the pulses...
Page 333 - ... houses cannot be economically provided, or where there is insistent local demand for this type of multiple housing. In any case, they will be accepted only where the Housing Board is convinced that local conditions require or justify their use.
Page 333 - HOUSES The Standards provide for nine different types of buildings, as follows: the single-family house; the two-family house (one family upstairs — one family down; where two families are side by side with a division wall between, the type is known as the "semidetached single-family house"); the single-family house with rooms for not more than three lodgers or boarders; lodging house for men; hotel for men; lodging house for women; hotel for women; the tenement house, and the boarding house. There...
Page 45 - Whoever shall desire to see how far art can imitate nature, may do so to perfection in this head, wherein every peculiarity that could be depicted by the utmost subtlety of the pencil has been faithfully reproduced. The eyes have the lustrous brightness and moisture which is seen in life, and around them are those pale, red, and slightly livid circles...
Page 341 - Each toilet room shall be located so as to be accessible without any individual passing through any sleeping room. Toilet rooms shall have a window not less than 6 square feet in area opening directly to the outside area or otherwise be satisfactorily ventilated. All outside openings shall be screened with 16-mesh material.
Page 45 - ... are, with the greatest difficulty ; the eyebrows also are represented with the closest exactitude, where fuller and where more thinly set, with the separate hairs delineated as they issue from the skin, every turn being followed, and all the pores exhibited in a manner that could not be more natural than it is : the nose, with its beautiful and delicately roseate nostrils, might be easily believed to be alive ; the mouth, admirable in its outline, has the lips uniting the rose-tints of their...
Page 341 - Water-closets to be porcelain and wash-down, siphon, or siphon-jet type, with individual flush tank. Open-front seat recommended. Outdoor water-closets will not be accepted. Privies will not be accepted. Cellar water-closets not permitted except where supplementary to accommodations herein required. Access to water-closet compartments to be from hall or vestibule, never solely from a room. Plunger, pan, long-hopper, and range closets will not be accepted. Hot and cold water to be provided to all...
Page 342 - ... width of 3% feet, and a clear height of not less than 6 feet over an area of at least 80 square feet with a minimum width of 7 feet.
Page 341 - Ventilation. Every room to have at least one window opening directly to the outer air. Two windows in each room generally preferred; one window sufficient in small bedrooms.
Page 277 - Lost Mosaics and Frescoes of Rome of the Mediaeval Period. A Publication of Drawings contained in the Collection of Cassiano dal Pozzo, now in the Royal Library, Windsor Castle.

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