Forty years an advertising agent, 1865-1905

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Printers' Ink Pub., 1906 - Advertising - 517 pages
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Page 475 - In their bloom, And the names he loved to hear Have been carved for many a year On the tomb.
Page 354 - Than to my angle was my fish. As well content no prize to take, As use of taken prize to make : For so our Lord was pleased when He fishers made fishers of men : Where, which is in no other game, A man may fish and praise his name. The first men that our Saviour dear Did choose to wait upon him here, Blest fishers were, and fish the last Food was, that he on earth did taste. I therefore strive to follow those, Whom he to follow him hath chose.
Page 314 - specials" made the latter difficult. The first thing early "specials" did after their appointment was "to induce the publisher to issue a new rate card, putting up the prices to a point that will admit of giving the general agent the commission he expects, leave a satisfactory margin for the special, and eventually bring to the newspaper a somewhat larger net price than it received formerly, and it is the hope that the gross amount of business may be materially increased.
Page 230 - in the Exhibition grounds. Here you may see any one, or, if you like, all of the 8,129 newspapers published regularly in the United States, and see them, one and all, for nothing ! You are not only permitted as a favor to see them, but invited, nay, pressed, to confer the favor of entering the building and calling for what paper you like. It is about 'as cool and agreeable a place — quite apart from its literary attractions — as a visitor to the Exhibition could wish to be offered a chair in....
Page 23 - Harper's in 1868 not only did not seek advertisements but actually refused to take them. The writer remembers listening with staring eyes while Fletcher Harper the younger related that he had in the early seventies refused an offer of $18,000 for the use of the last page for a year for an advertisement of the Howe Sewing Machine.
Page 63 - Territory in 1819 charged one dollar a square for the first insertion and fifty cents for each additional time the same announcement appeared. His table of rates indicated no reduction for large advertisers.8
Page 343 - And a thousand dreary fancies into busy being start ; And a thousand recollections weave their bright hues into woof. As I listen to the patter of the soft rain on the roof.
Page 139 - Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy, But not express'd in fancy; rich, not gaudy; For the apparel oft proclaims the man, And they in France of the best rank and station Are most select and generous, chief in that.
Page 231 - He may at first wonder how, among 8,000 papers, among them such mighty sheets as the New York Herald., he is to get at the small, loved print of his home, thousands of miles away, it may be, over the Rocky Mountains. But the management is so simple that, by consulting the catalogue, or even without the aid of the catalogue, any one can at once find whatever paper he wants. They are pigeon-holed on shelves in the alphabetical order of their States or Territories and their towns, the names of which...
Page 435 - The Sunday papers practically came in with the Civil War," GP Rowell 16 observed. "They are something between the daily and the weekly in character, have tended largely toward making the old weekly an obsolete back number, and have so absorbed the advertising patronage of the dailies as to lead some to characterize a majority of them as Sunday papers with daily supplements.

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